US to deploy HIMARS to Russian neighbor

The US Army Europe and Africa command announced on Sunday it would be sending two High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) along with approximately a dozen personnel to Latvia, to take part in NATO-led national readiness military exercises.

The M142 HIMARS systems are set to arrive in the Baltic state on Monday to take part in the fall phase of the so-called NAMEJS exercises, lasting from September 5 to October 9. The US-made artillery systems will be used on September 26 and 27 in order to demonstrate the rapid deployment of long-range precision launches to NATO’s eastern border.

“NAMEJS is designed to increase readiness, lethality, modernization and interoperability by exercising U.S. Army Europe and Africa’s ability to rapidly deploy long-range precision fires capabilities in coordination with our allies and partners, and integrate joint fires in a multinational environment,” reads a statement on the command’s website.

The exercises will also reportedly involve Spain’s National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS) to provide training for antiaircraft protection, according to Captain Matiss Students, a planning officer with NATO’s Air Force, who warned Latvian residents that there will be low-altitude military training flights in the eastern regions of the country during the exercises.

Aside from NAMEJS 2022, NATO intends to carry out additional exercises in the region under the moniker “Silver Arrow.” The US-led bloc announced that some 4,200 troops from 17 member states will be taking part in these exercises, which are meant to “strengthen the unity of land and air forces” and improve their combat capabilities and readiness to “deter and defend.”

The exercises come as tensions between Moscow and NATO continue to grow amid the ongoing Ukraine conflict. After Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization last week, which seeks to draft some 300,000 reservists into the Russian armed forces, several Baltic states and Poland have called for an increased NATO presence on the bloc’s eastern flank.

Moscow, meanwhile, has warned that it will not hesitate to use “any means at its disposal” to protect its territorial integrity and would respond in kind if NATO decided to carry out an attack on Russia using nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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DART mission will slam into an asteroid’s moon today – CNN

(CNN)A NASA spacecraft will deliberately slam into an asteroid Monday, and it’s all in the name of planetary protection.

The DART mission, or the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, will crash into the space rock at 7:14 p.m. ET after launching 10 months ago.

The spacecraft will attempt to affect the motion of an asteroid in space. A live stream of images captured by the spacecraft will be available on NASA’s website beginning at 6 p.m. ET.

The mission is heading for Dimorphos, a small moon orbiting the near-Earth asteroid Didymos. The asteroid system poses no threat to Earth, NASA officials have said, making it a perfect target to test out a kinetic impact — which may be needed if an asteroid is ever on track to hit Earth.

The event will be the agency’s first full-scale demonstration of deflection technology that can protect the planet.

“For the first time ever, we will measurably change the orbit of a celestial body in the universe,” said Robert Braun, head of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory’s Space Exploration Sector in Laurel, Maryland.

Near-Earth objects are asteroids and comets with orbits that place them within 30 million miles (48.3 million kilometers) of Earth. Detecting the threat of near-Earth objects, or NEOs, that could cause grave harm is a primary focus of NASA and other space organizations around the world.

Collision course

Astronomers discovered Didymos more than two decades ago. It means “twin” in Greek. Didymos is roughly 2,560 feet (780 meters) across.

Meanwhile, Dimorphos is 525 feet (160 meters) in diameter, and its name means “two forms.”

Images taken by the spacecraft’s Didymos Reconnaissance and Asteroid Camera for Optical navigation will reveal a first look at Dimorphos. The spacecraft will also use them to autonomously guide itself for an encounter with the tiny moon.

During the event, these images will stream back to Earth at a rate of one per second, providing a “pretty stunning” look at the moon, said Nancy Chabot, planetary scientist and DART coordination lead at the Applied Physics Laboratory.

At the time of impact, Didymos and Dimorphos will be relatively close to Earth — within 6.8 million miles (11 million kilometers).

The spacecraft will accelerate at about 13,421 miles per hour (21,600 kilometers per hour) when it collides with Dimorphos.

This collision will be recorded by LICIACube, or Light Italian CubeSat for Imaging of Asteroids, a companion cube satellite provided by the Italian Space Agency

The briefcase-size CubeSat recently deployed from the spacecraft and is traveling behind it to record what happens.

Three minutes after impact, the CubeSat will fly by Dimorphos to capture images and video. The imagery, while not immediately available, will be streamed back to Earth in the weeks following the collision.

Protecting the planet

Dimorphos was chosen for this mission because its size is relative to asteroids that could pose a threat to Earth. The spacecraft is about 100 times smaller than Dimorphos, so it won’t obliterate the asteroid.

The fast impact will only change Dimorphos’ speed as it orbits Didymos by 1%, which doesn’t sound like a lot — but it will change the moon’s orbital period.

“Sometimes we describe it as running a golf cart into a great pyramid or something like that,” Chabot said. “But for Dimorphos, this really is about asteroid deflection, not disruption.”

The nudge will shift Dimorphos slightly and make it more gravitationally bound to Didymos — so the collision won’t change the binary system’s path around the Earth or increase its chances of becoming a threat to our planet, Chabot said.

Dimorphos completes an orbit around Didymos every 11 hours and 55 minutes. After the impact, that may change to 11 hours and 45 minutes, but follow-up observations will determine how much of a shift occurred.

Astronomers will use ground-based telescopes to observe the binary asteroid system and see how much the orbital period of Dimorphos changed, which will determine if DART was successful.

Space-based telescopes such as Hubble, Webb and NASA’s Lucy mission will also observe the event.

In four years, the European Space Agency’s era mission will arrive to study Dimorphos. The probe will measure physical properties of the moon and look at its orbit and the DART impact.

No asteroids are currently on a direct impact course with Earth, but more than 27,000 near-Earth asteroids exist in all shapes and sizes.

The valuable data collected by DART and Hera will contribute to planetary defense strategies, especially the understanding of what kind of force can shift the orbit of a near-Earth asteroid with the potential to collide with our planet.

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Panic buying begins in Florida, Supermarket shelves stripped bare of water, toilet paper and canned goods ahead of monster Tropical Storm

Wednesday Could Be the Day – The Last Trump

Supermarket shelves across Florida have been stripped bare as panicked locals prepare for the first major hurricane to make landfall in the sunshine state in four years. Photos from the weekend showed lines of Floridians stretching back from supermarket registers through aisles stripped bare of bottled water and other essentials.

Shots from one Florida Costco showed an individual with two industrial-sized pallets piled high with cases of water, while at Home Depot and hardware store’s people flocked to the construction materials aisle to load up on planks of plywood to board their windows up with.

Tropical Storm Ian is expected to strengthen into a hurricane on Sunday and reach ‘major’ hurricane strength – anything Category 3 or above – on Tuesday before it hits Cuba. The storm is expected to make landfall in Florida midweek, either late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, and bring with it 130mph winds.

Cuba approves same-sex marriage, adoption

Cuban communist leaders applauded the result of a nationwide referendum, which upends decades of discrimination. The move was opposed by conservative Christians in the Catholic and evangelical communities.
Cubans voted to legalize same-sex marriage and adoption, allowing surrogate pregnancies and giving greater rights to non-biological parents, electoral authorities said on Monday.

Preliminary results of a referendum held over the weekend ndicated an “irreversible trend,” with by 66.9% to 33.1% in favor of a package of measures, electoral council president Alina Balseiro said on state television.

“The Family Code has been ratified by the people,” she said.

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Hal Turner Radio Show – PLUNGE: This isn’t some Rinky-Dink Stock, it’s the British Pound!

The British Pound Sterling currency has plunged 500 pips to a record low value of $1.03 in absolute carnage of Foreign Exchange Reserves.

The beginning of the end is finally here . . . The GBP is down 23% YTD, worse than most 3rd world currencies.

GBP/USD is sitting right at support levels from 1984.

Strangely, all of a sudden, it is starting to make sense that the Pope ordered all Vatican entitites to move all their funds to the Vatican Bank by September 30 – and most of them have already done so.

BULLETIN: The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has HALTED trading in GBP futures ! ! ! !


It’s happening everywhere, Bond prices are cratering, currencies are cratering . . .

BREAKING: Moscow Stock Exchange drops 9.2%

In London, the Financial TImes Stock Exchange (FTSE 100) just hit 6962 (…going down!) On Dec 30 1999 the FTSE hit an intra-day high of 6950 (…going up!!) …are we all set to be like it’s 1999 again?



Speculation CAD will drop below 60 cents this week.

A historic low.

Global currency in total freefall.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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Prelude to a major crisis: Mobilization exercise in Turkey – Erdogan convenes a cabinet to strengthen ASDEN in the islands! – WarNews247

A warlike atmosphere prevails in Turkey with the Army proceeding with military preparations that indicate an imminent “hot confrontation” with Greece. After the civil defense sirens sounded in Mersina, the Turkish Army proceeded to conduct a mobilization exercise.

At the same time, the president of Turkey, R.T.Erdogan, today convenes a cabinet on the subject of Greece and the militarization of the Aegean islands in the wake of the spy photos taken by Bayraktar TB2 of the reinforcement of ASDEN forces in Lesvos and Samos.

With these images, Erdoğan is trying to justify his story about the violation of Treaties on the part of Greece that is militarizing islands. The Turks are gradually building a new narrative of “self-defense” in order to justify the Turkish attack.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan speaks of islands under occupation and warns that “we will come one night”. Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, and other ministers, are challenging the sovereignty of the islands under the pretext of militarization, and it comes after the Ministry of Defense released photos showing the transfer of armored personnel carriers to Lesvos and Samos “under Turkey’s nose.”

In this context of the “readiness” of the Turkish Armed Forces, the Turkish Ministry of Defense released a video of the recruitment exercise called Yıldırım with reservists arriving at the recruitment sites, taking ergonomic measurements, receiving clothing and weapons and carrying out even shooting with their individual rifle and pistol.

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Sept 26, 2022 – Watchman News – Heb 10:30-31 – Tishri 1 Begins – Revelation 12, Russia prepares for Nuclear Weapon use in Ukraine, Nepal offers trade in National Currencies with Russia, China warns on ‘External Interference’ with Taiwan Invasion, Deadly Gene Therapy Drug, ‘Declaration of War’ expected on Sept 30th from Russia, Greece militarizes Aegean Islands, Defcon 3 in the US & More!

Sept 26, 2022 – Watchman News – Heb 10:30-31 – Tishri 1 Begins – Revelation 12, Russia prepares for Nuclear Weapon use in Ukraine, Nepal offers trade in National Currencies with Russia, China warns on ‘External Interference’ with Taiwan Invasion, Deadly Gene Therapy Drug, ‘Declaration of War’ expected on Sept 30th from Russia, Greece militarizes Aegean Islands, Defcon 3 in the US & More!

News Feed –

Hebrews 10:30-31 (New King James Version)
For we know Him who said, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. And again, “The LORD will judge His people.” It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Understanding of ARM vs Right Hand of Revelation 13;16-18 –

The Dove Release of Noah symbolism to the 3 End Times Ministry Segments –

Jacob ( Jesus) and His Work for the Father to gain Rachel (Bride of Christ),Leah (Israel), the Flocks (Church) and the World (Those that are lost) Timeline – 1988 -2028 –


Dream of Bill Larkin (7 Years Ago) La Palma Destruction Falling into the Sea –


High Watch Times

Nov 10th – Abomination of Desolation related to Daniel 9 & Jeremiah 52 Study by Leeland Jones –

Nov 14th – Laudato Si (7 Year Covenant with Many to Begin)

Nov 18th-19th (Kislev 15) – when the Blood Moon occurs and the Abomination of Desolation according to the Book of Maccabees in 168 BCE.

Nov 21st – 17 Kislev (1947) – The United Nations General Assembly approves a plan for the partition of Palestine

Nov 23rd – Fibonacci Day
Nov 26th – 7 Day Marker from Nov 19th Eclipse- 1 Kings 8:65

Nov 29th (Kislev 25) – This is 10 days from Nov 19th, brings us to Nov 29th, which is 4 years from the True Birth of Israel. Nov 29th, 1947 and the Parable of the Fig Tree.

Dec 1st (Kislev 27) – Forty days of rain end; begin 150 days of water’s swelling and churning,
Dec 3rd/4th – 14 Day Marker from Nov 19th Eclipse – 1 Kings 8:65

Dec 5th-6th – 8th Day of Hanukkah related to 1 Kings 8:65-66 and the 14 Days between the Blood Moons of Nov 19th-Dec 5th (Gen 8:5 – Tops of Mountain Seen – Noah Story)
Dec 7th-8th – 8th Day of Hanukkah (Torah Calendar). Ezekiel 1:1 on the 8th/9th – Ezekiel’s Vision of God

Dec 12th/13th (Tevet 8)- Festival of the Septuagint -Septuagint is Completed – Megillat Ta’anit (Daniel’s 70th Week) – 8th Day related to 1 Kings 8:66
Dec 14th – (Tevet 10) – Esther appears before Achashverosh for the first time and is chosen by him to be the Queen, Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem, Holocaust remembered in Israel
Dec 19th – Full Moon (Original 7th Day of Hanukkah 164 BCE)
Dec 21st – Winter begins in Israel (Midnight) (Original 8th Day of Hanukkah 164 BCE)
Dec 25th – Festival of the Septuagint -Septuagint is Completed – (Daniel’s 70th Week) – 8th Day related to 1 Kings 8:66 (Leeland Jones April 30th, 2018 – 1335 Day Count from Host of Daily Sacrifice
Jan 5, 2022 – 5G Turns On

Jan 8/9, 2022 – 1335 Day Count from Israel’s 70th Bday (911 Backwards)
Jan 11, 2022 – (Sh’Vat 9) or 911 backwards and 11/11
Jan 16/17, 2022 – Tu BiShevat – New Year for Trees & Full Moon
Feb 14-16, 2022 – Purim Katan – Adar I (Minor Purim) – Esther meets with the King, saves God’s People
Feb 20-23rd – 5 BCE Actual Esther Moment from Esther 9 (Real Purim- Quantum Time)
March 15-20, 2022 – Purim – Adar II – Esther meets with the King, saves God’s People (Spring Equinox)

May 1st/2nd, 2022 – 150 Days from Kislev 27 (Iyar 0) New Moon – Shabbat Mevarchim Chodesh Iyyar
May 4th-7th, 2022 – Iyar 5, Israel celebrates it’s 74th Bday on the Hebrew Calendar
May 15th/16th, 2022 – Centered Blood Moon in between 100 Eclipses forward and Back
April 11th – 13th – (Nisan 10 & 11) – Fast of Nadab and Abihu & Fast of Ezra, Aliyah Day, Triumphal Entry of Jesus, Israel with Joshua enter Promise Land

April 14th – 23rd – (Nisan 13-21) – Fast of the FirstBorn & Fast of Esther begins, Passover
April 26th – (Nisan 26) – Israel Holocaust Memorial Day

April 30th/May 1st – Partial Solar Eclipse

May 28th/29th – Aliyah of Messiah (40 Days from Nisan 17) – Jerusalem Unification Day – 53 Yrs Old – Paul’s Journey Age 53-58 (5 Days) This literally takes us to Pentecost as mentioned in the Scripture Timeline

June 2nd/3rd -The Day the Earth Stood Still Movie

June 4th/5th – Pentecost- Ezekiel’s Vision of Jesus on the Throne – Chariots of Wheels and the Angels

June 14th-16th – In 2022 there will be three Supermoons: Tuesday, June 14. Wednesday, July 15. Friday, August 12 – August’s full Sturgeon Moon reaches its peak on Thursday, August 11, 2022. It will be the last supermoon of the year. Learn when to look for it and why August’s Full Moon got such a peculiar name!

June 22-24th – 23 Sivan (474 BCE) – Mordecai and Esther sent letters so that the Jews shall prepare themselves for the annihilation plan orchestrated by Haman to be committed against them on the 13th of the following Adar. Planetary Parade!!

July 2nd -4th – The Day the Sun and Moon Stood Still – Joshua 10:12-15

Possible UFO Landing in D.C.?

Ezekiel 1:1

Ezekiel’s Vision of God

Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, on the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the River Chebar, that the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God.

July 13th-14th – Noah Timeline – 150 Days (Dec 3rd -April 30th) + 74 Days = Tops of Mountains became visible = Gen 8:5. Super Buck Moon on July 13.

July 16th – Aug 7th – The Three Weeks or Bein ha-Metzarim (Hebrew: בין המצרים, “Between the Straits”) (cf “dire straits”) is a period of mourning commemorating the destruction of the first and second Jewish Temples.

Aug 11th -12th – Tu B Av – In 2022 there will be three Supermoons: Tuesday, June 14. Wednesday, July 15. Friday, August 12 – August’s full Sturgeon Moon reaches its peak on Thursday, August 11, 2022. It will be the last supermoon of the year.
Aug 22nd – 23rd – Noah Timeline – 224 Days (July 13th) + 40 Days = Raven sent out = Gen 8:6

Aug 28th – 29th – Noah Timeline – 264 Days (Aug 22nd) + 7 Days = Dove sent out after Raven, no resting place= Gen 8:6-12

Sept 5th – 6th – Noah Timeline – 271 Days (Aug 29th) + 7 Days = After 7 Days, Noah sent out Dove again, It returns with Olive Leaf= Gen 8:10-11
Sept 12th – 13th – Noah Timeline – 278 Days (Sept 5th) + 7 Days = After 7 Days, Noah sent out Dove again, it does not return Gen 8:12

Sept 25th – 27th – Rosh Hashana for Hebrew Year 5783 begins at sundown on Sunday, 25 September 2022 and ends at nightfall on Tuesday, 27 September 2022.

Prepare for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please repent and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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DEFCON 3 in the US – Russian TV: Russia will not lose -Nuclear war is ‘already a given’ – Contingency plans in the West – WarNews247

UB Ready – Bitter Cup

The US will retaliate forcefully should Russia use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, told CBS on Sunday. He also declared that the referendums in the Donbass republics and Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions of Ukraine had not altered Washington’s support for Kiev.
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told CBS News on Sunday that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin could use nuclear weapons. Putin earlier said that Russia would use “all the means available to us” to defend Russian territory.

“Look, maybe yesterday it was a bluff,” Zelensky told CBS host Margaret Brennan. “Now, it could be a reality.”

The countdown to the use of nukes in the Ukrainian theater of operations has begun. Western capitals have begun implementing contingency plans as Russia escalates threats to show it is very close to “ground zero”.

There is turmoil in the US. The Americans have proceeded with a barrage of statements, warnings and threats in order to prevent Russia from a nuclear escalation. At the same time, satellites scan Russia’s movements on a 24-hour basis and look for signs of moving nuclear warheads and placing them on platforms.

US sources are talking about changing the country’s nuclear preparedness level to DEFCON 3.

The classification of the Defense readiness condition (DEFCON) is: 1 ) Nuclear or conventional war 2) One step before war, 3) Increased readiness of Units, 4) Vigilance and increased security measures and monitoring 5) Normal state of readiness.

It was preceded by nuclear threats from B. Putin himself, S. Lavrov, N. Peskov and other Russian officials, while a few hours ago the Russian state television announced to the viewers that a nuclear war might already be a given!

“Nuclear war is a given”

Hosts and guests on Russian state television have warned the West that if they feel Russia is being pushed into a corner, then it will ensure “everyone is destroyed.”

Military expert Igor Korotchenko and state TV presenter Olga Skabeeva agreed that Russia would use nuclear weapons if it felt threatened to be destroyed.

The only thing the West fears today is the possibility of Russia using tactical nuclear weapons.

“In this respect, the words spoken by Vladimir Putin are nevertheless very valuable.

“In the West they are looking at them and analyzing what the conditions would be for Russia to use such an argument to avoid any scenarios that Moscow would consider unacceptable.”

“The West must understand: if there are certain weapons, taboos and restrictions on their use could be lifted under certain conditions,” Korotchenko said.

“What do they want? They want a victory over Russia ,” Skabeeva said.

“It is impossible to defeat Russia without a nuclear explosion. No way.

“We will not allow our country to be destroyed, if you try to destroy us, you will be destroyed with us.

“What are our next actions? [Hitting] the decision-making centers? In Kyiv, London, Washington – where?

“What do we have to do to avoid nuclear war or is it already a foregone conclusion?”

It sure looks like it!

“If they don’t stop it will come true, what is the goal of the collective West?”

“Ukraine’s victory and Russia’s defeat. As long as the Russian Federation has nukes [and we do], its defeat is impossible.

“Put us into a corner – everyone will be destroyed. Is that what they are trying to achieve?

“Putin said it so succinctly, so clearly. We do not threaten, we do not want war. We are first in line to stop it.

“We don’t want nuclear winter or nuclear war, but if you declare that we will be destroyed, we will have to destroy you.”

There are no other options. Why can’t they figure it out? Can’t they follow that logical explanation?

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

#Yahweh #Yeshua #HolySpirit #LordAlmighty #SovereignLord #Nameaboveallnames #TheWay #TheTruth #TheLife #TheGate #Heaven #KingdomofHeaven #Saved #Glorified #Endtimes #LastDays #FeastofTrumpets #markofthebeast #verseoftheday #birthpains #Judgement #Christian #Christianity #hope #love #Jesus #Christ

Greece ‘militarizes’ Aegean Islands – media

Greece has “unlawfully” deployed armored vehicles to the Aegean Islands, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Sunday, citing military sources.

The claim was backed by drone footage, purportedly showing the vehicles being unloaded from a Greek landing vessel.

Athens has sent unspecified “military vehicles donated by the US” to the Aegean Islands of Lesbos (known in Turkey as Midilli) and Samos (Sisam), the sources said. Each island is said to have received 23 and 18 vehicles, respectively, delivered in batches over the past week.

Drone footage circulated by Turkish media shows military vehicles sitting in rows at a port installation with a landing ship moored nearby and its cargo hold open.

The alleged deployment is in violation of the demilitarized status of the island, the sources claimed, accusing Athens of making no effort to defuse the tensions between the two countries.

“That Greece does not even attend the meetings despite invitations and makes such provocations show who increases the tension, who is irreconcilable, aggressive and unlawful,” the sources said.

The supposed demilitarization of the islands, however, has long been disputed by Athens and Ankara. While the islands were placed under demilitarization by the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, Greece was still allowed to maintain a garrison recruited from locals and a police force.

Tensions between Turkey and Greece, two NATO allies with a long history of mutual enmity, have been soaring since late August. At that time, Ankara accused Athens of locking its Russian-made S-300 air defenses on Turkish military jets flying over neutral waters. Greece dismissed the claims, with military sources telling local media that the air defenses were not activated on the day of the purported incident.

Early this month, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Greece of “occupying” the Aegean Islands and warned the country it could end up paying a “heavy price.” Athens has repeatedly rejected attempts to question its sovereignty over the islands.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

#Yahweh #Yeshua #HolySpirit #LordAlmighty #SovereignLord #Nameaboveallnames #TheWay #TheTruth #TheLife #TheGate #Heaven #KingdomofHeaven #Saved #Glorified #Endtimes #LastDays #FeastofTrumpets #markofthebeast #verseoftheday #birthpains #Judgement #Christian #Christianity #hope #love #Jesus #Christ

Russian Media: Putin ultimatum and official declaration of war on Ukraine on September 30 – “Leave Russian territory immediately” – WarNews247

“The point of no return will be September 30, 2022, when President Putin is to send a message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation following the results of referendums in four former regions of Ukraine,” Russian media reported.

The Russians today confirm what WarNews247 wrote yesterday: The Russian president will deliver an ultimatum to Ukraine.

“Seven months after the start of the special military operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, the conflict between Moscow, on the one hand, and Kiev and its “Western sponsors”, on the other, will pass to a completely different level.

The Duma, Russia’s lower house, may discuss bills incorporating Russian-held parts of Ukraine into Russia on Thursday (9/29), state news agency TASS reported, citing an unnamed source.

The Interfax news agency cited a source who said the upper house could consider the bill the same day, and RIA Novosti, also citing an unnamed source, said Putin would address an extraordinary joint session of both houses on Friday.

Putin will declare war on Ukraine on September 30…

Russian media note the following:

“Nowadays, when the course of events has begun to accelerate rapidly and so many important factors are involved, making any long-term predictions seems to be an altogether thankless task. However, it is possible to identify some general trends, which we will try to do.

Time for ultimatums!

The hallmark of modern Russian diplomacy can be recognized as the reluctance to make irrevocable decisions, to keep room for political maneuvers and reconstruction, the desire to solve the issue by compromise, so that it is pleasant ” both for ours and for for yours” . However, this approach, for all its ambiguity, only works if the opponents are ready to seek compromises. The problem is that the “Western partners” no longer want to negotiate anything with the Kremlin.

Seeing that with the support of the NATO bloc, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can not only successfully defend themselves, but also successfully attack, Washington, London and Brussels relied on the military defeat of Russia in the Ukrainian steppes, the subsequent inevitable internal political crisis in Russia itself and the collapse of the Russian Federation into several dozen hostile quasi-states.

A “black spot” for the Kremlin can be considered a message sent from Turkey by a “friend Recep” that any peace agreement with Ukraine is possible only with the return of Crimea and Sevastopol to Kiev.

Further actions of our ruling “elites” show that the message was correctly understood. This includes the start of work on the Power of Siberia-2 project, which will transport “European” volumes of Russian natural gas to China, partial military mobilization, which the Kremlin stubbornly denied earlier, and the rapid launch of reunification referendums with the Russian Federation of four previously postponed regions.

The most important event is the holding of referendums. The actual removal from Ukraine of part of its internationally recognized territory and their annexation to the Russian Federation is an irreversible step.

“Western partners” have already promised not to recognize the results of referendums in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions and to continue military support for the Kiev regime, while President Zelensky bluntly stated in August that holding referendums would preclude the possibility of “negotiation”:

“We will not give anything of ours and if the occupiers follow these fake referendums, then they will single-handedly close any possibility of negotiations with Ukraine and the free world, which the Russian side will definitely need at some point.”

The ultimatum

In other words, by the end of the seventh month of the special operation, President Vladimir Putin nevertheless decided to take a politically irreversible step and quite deliberately took the path of escalating the conflict.

The choice to take the Donbass with the Sea of Azov and then pretend that “we are at home” and what is happening around us no longer concerns us, will not work. They just won’t allow it.

The Ukrainian army, which has effectively turned into a NATO army, is too big and powerful to leave Russia alone with its new four regions.

The configuration of the front line, which at the end of next week will become our new state border, is too complex and long to be reliably guarded. Further escalation of the conflict is inevitable.

What will happen next? It is very likely that the events will develop as follows.

-On September 27, the referendum process will be completed in the four former regions of Ukraine.

-After counting the results, the bills for their inclusion in the Russian Federation will be submitted to the State Duma on September 28.

-On September 29, the document can be approved in the Council of the Federation.

On September 30, 2022, a day that will surely go down in the joint history of Russia and Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin is likely to address the Federal Assembly. What can be said?

Of course, the head of state cannot but publicly announce the entry of four new regions into the Russian Federation at the same time.

However, he should simply submit an ultimatum to Ukraine, and perhaps not only to Ukraine. The essence of the ultimatum to the Kiev regime should be the demand for the immediate withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard from the territory of Russia, which as of September 30 will be Donbas and the Sea of Azov.

Like any ultimatum, it should contain a threat in the event of non-fulfilment. Logic dictates that this should be an official declaration of war on Ukraine, which means a transition from the form of a “special military operation” to a “state of war” with the Kiev regime.

This assumption is supported by the fact that the president will deliver a message to the Federal Assembly, which, according to art. 102 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, has the right to approve a change in the borders of the Russian Federation, to approve Presidential Decrees on the introduction of a state of emergency and martial law, and also to decide on the possibility of using the armament of the Russian Federation Forces abroad .

The fact that martial law will have to be introduced in the Donbass, the Azov region, as well as in the Russian regions bordering Ukraine, does not cause the slightest doubt. This should have been done a long time ago, but better late than never.

The second ultimatum to be issued must be addressed to the “western partners”. The Commander-in-Chief in the event of a declaration of war on Ukraine should demand that the sponsors of the Kiev regime immediately cease all supplies of dual-use weapons and weapon systems for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Otherwise, direct military support will be considered the entry of any specific country that supplies Kyiv with weapons, ammunition, fuel and oil in the war against the Russian Federation on the side of Ukraine. This is a strong and logical move, but will it happen?

We’ll see. In any case, at the end of September 2022, the armed conflict in Ukraine will pass to a fundamentally different level,” the Russians conclude…

The Tribulation is commencing..

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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New genetically engineered herpes virus kills cancer cells (Deadly Gene Therapy )

A genetically modified version of the herpes virus has shown great potential in treating advanced cancers, according to a report by the Institute of Cancer Research in London published on Thursday.

A promising therapy

Although the treatment is still in early trials, researchers have found that RP2, a modified version of the herpes simplex virus, managed to kill cancer cells in a quarter of patients. The patients had cancers so advanced and complicated that they had run out of treatments to try.

“Our study shows that a genetically engineered, cancer-killing virus can deliver a one-two punch against tumors – directly destroying cancer cells from within while also calling in the immune system against them,” study leader Kevin Harrington, Professor of Biological Cancer Therapies at The Institute of Cancer Research, said in the statement.

He added that it was rare to see such positive responses in early-stage clinical trials, whose primary aim is to test for the safety of a treatment.

“Our initial trial findings suggest that a genetically engineered form of the herpes virus could potentially become a new treatment option for some patients with advanced cancers – including those who haven’t responded to other forms of immunotherapy,” Harrington explained.

“I am keen to see if we continue to see benefits as we treat increased numbers of patients.”

The newly-engineered RP2 virus is injected directly into the tumors where it functions in two ways. First, it multiplies inside cancer cells to burst them from within, effectively wiping them out.

Second,it blocks a protein known as CTLA-4 – releasing the brakes on the immune system and increasing its ability to kill cancer cells.

Finally, RP2 has also been modified to produce molecules called GM-CSF and GALV-GP-R, which give the virus additional capabilities to spark the immune system into action against cancer.

Out of nine patients treated with RP2, three saw their tumors shrink and one even saw his cancer disappear completely. He continues to remain cancer-free five months after starting treatment.

Adjuvant therapy may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, or biological therapy
A GMCSF-neuroantigen fusion protein is a potent tolerogen in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) that is associated with efficient targeting of neuroantigen to APC
Cytokine-NAg fusion proteins represent an emerging platform for specific targeting of self-antigen to particular APC subsets as a means to achieve antigen-specific immunological tolerance.

CDC Issues New Guidance on Monkeypox Symptoms as Cases Rise in the United States | (Herpes)

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

#Yahweh #Yeshua #HolySpirit #LordAlmighty #SovereignLord #Nameaboveallnames #TheWay #TheTruth #TheLife #TheGate #Heaven #KingdomofHeaven #Saved #Glorified #Endtimes #LastDays #FeastofTrumpets #markofthebeast #verseoftheday #birthpains #Judgement #Christian #Christianity #hope #love #Jesus #Christ

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