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Danger dog is the slang term for a type of hot dog first sold by street vendors in Tijuana, Mexico, and is also known as a “Tijuana bacon dog.”A danger dog is a hot dog wrapped in a piece of bacon, fried in oil and served on a bun with grilled onions and chili sauce.(Wikipedia)

Today’s Restaurant

Mom’s House (TasteBook Recipes) – Tracy, Ca

Average Cost

A whole lot of hugs, kisses, love and helping her grill the meat. 🙂

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Recommended Dishes to BBQ with family: 

Bacon Wrapped Hot Links, Pork Ribs, Orange Glazed Chicken, Cabbage, Cornbread, Rib Eye Steak, Corn on the Cob, Sodas for the kids, Liquor and Beer!!

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy got wrapped around a hotlink and went weeee weeee weeee all the way to my Mother’s home!

It’s Saturday and every other weekend I make sure to go visit my Mother in Tracy, Ca with my family. She was born and raised in Greenwood,MS and loves to cook! She taught me a lot about ways to engage in the fine arts of cooking and I am still learning something new from her everyday as time goes by.

She texted me on my way driving to her house letting me know that she was going to begin boiling the ribs in Coke while getting the other side dishes ready as well. If you are not familiar with boiling ribs in soda, I mentioned boiling ribs in Coke or Dr. Pepper in my blog post ‘Bring a bib for some beer and ribs‘ so take a glance at that when you have a chance.

When I walked in the house the aroma of sweet and delicate pork ribs, orange glazed chicken in the oven, and then my eyes get a glimpse of something that I have never imagined to see in my household.

“Mom what’s this?” I curiously asked.

My mom says in excitement, “I went to Mi Pueblo and I saw they were selling bacon wrapped hot links so rather than buy them I figured I would wrap my own bacon around my own hotlinks myself!”

I don’t know if any of you have had BBQ’d hot links wrapped in bacon but this is genius! A Shakespeare Creation! Edgar Allan Poe mind blowing invention!

Seeing that all the meat has been prepped for the grill I rush to get the propane tank turned on so I can bite into one of these piggly wrapped treats.

Now that the sizzling has begun, let’s get these other guys joining the party like Rib-Eye Steak, cabbage with smoked turkey pieces, corn bread, corn on the cob, orange glazed chicken wings and Spanish rice.

“Hey Trev, Spanish rice seems hard to make, can I use a different rice instead.”

“Sure you can. In cases, where you don’t know how to make something just buy it from a deli or grocery store, like my mom did today at Mi Pueblo when she bought the Spanish rice.” 🙂

We set up the table, say a prayer and now time to dig in!!

My first bite was into a grill marked hot dog bun filled with a buff hotlink wrapped in a sweet piece of bacon. It was everything I thought it would be!

The sweet nectar of the bacon and hotlink oozed down my throat like how chocolate would roll down vanilla ice cream on a warm sundae. My next bite is into a corn on the cob as it glistened in light with its sunny yellow as bright as the sun.

Yum! Crunch! Pop goes the hotlink juices in my mouth! Now the steak.. Bite! Oh so tender! Oh the cabbage..Yum! Crunch! Now my beer..Slurp.. Should I go Corn or should I bite a chicken wing..

Brain malfunction…Brain Malfunction…Flavor overloooooooooad!!! Kabooooooooom!!

Now that is live action eating!!

Thanks for joining me on today’s wild adventure! I’ll see you next time..Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


Wikipedia (September 2014). Danger Dog. Retrieved from

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