Beer..Shots..Fish and Chips..The Dream of The English!!


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Fish and chips became a stock meal among the working classes in England as a consequence of the rapid development of trawl fishing in the North Sea, and the development of railways which connected the ports to major industrial cities during the second half of the 19th century, which meant that fresh fish could be rapidly transported to the heavily populated areas. Deep-fried fish was first introduced into Britain during the 16th century by Jewish refugees from Portugal and Spain, and is derived from pescado frito. In 1860, the first fish and chip shop was opened in London by Joseph Malin. (

Today’s Restaurant

The Brit – Downtown San Jose, Ca

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Recommended Dishes an drinks: 

Fish and Chips, Dry Rub Chicken Wings, The Beer of your Choice

It’s the weekend and what do you have planned for the night?

Are you going to a bar? Out dancing? Or hanging at home?

Whatever you are doing I hope you enjoy yourself and have a moment of relaxation to get yourself back to the basics of living to enjoy life and not for life to overwhelm you.

One thing Virginia and I like to do on weekends is to have an ice cold Lagunitas IPA with a couple of Jameson shots and some bar food to go with it.

If you have ever been to The Brit; the menu reflects all the different types of bar food that go great with beer. Hamburgers, ribs, chicken strips, chicken wings, etc.

I usually like having at least 2 beers when I am out for drinks, so having a heavy hamburger usually leaves me feeling sluggish rather than a nice hand held snack to complement the beer.

Our favorites are the dry rub chicken wings and the fish and chips. These items just go great with beer and it keeps the calories down.

Anywhere we go for drinks, it’s hard finding a good fried fish. Sometimes it is too crunchy or too dry. Some have no flavor at all.

The Brit does a great job with their fish and chips. The batter is fluffy and has a slight crunch to it while the fish is tender and moist.

The size of the fish almost fits the entire plate and it goes great with a slight squeeze of lemon and malt vinegar on it. I love my fish with hot sauce so make sure you have that readily available.

Nothing beats having a spice filled palette with a lemony after shock and then having a sip of an ice cold carbonated beer. Nothing to it but to do it!

Time to do some shots! Cheers!!

Thanks for joining us on this exciting adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


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