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Lamb Albondigas - Spicy Moroccan lamb meatballs in a roasted goat cheese piquillo sauce

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Albondigas are meatballs, often used in a soup, known to many as “Mexican soul food.” Though we consider albondigas soup (or sopa de albondigas) Mexican food, history follows a line that dates back to the sixth Century, where the Islamic influence dominated the region of Southwestern Europe. Then in the 13th Century, the Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella conquered the region which had been occupied by the Muslims. Many of the culinary traditions were integrated into the Spanish community. From there, albondigas made its way to Mexico by way of the conquistadors, where it has remained and flourished into a cultural favorite. (

Today’s Restaurant

Cascal Restaurant – Mountain View, Ca

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes and drinks: 

Lamb Albondigas, Chips and Dips, Beef Short Rib Tacos, The House Margarita, Raspberry Caipirinha


Man I love Thursday’s!! Almost as much as I love Friday’s.

I guess we love Thursday’s because we all know we have 1 more day to go until we have some freedom to do as we choose, to truly live the American dream, to engage in some hard core live action eating! Let the games begin!

Keep in mind that I’ve written about this magnificent taste bud sparking sensational restaurant ‘Cascal‘ before; and since the last adventure I had to come back to try some other items on the menu since my last experience was so memorizing.

What better day to enjoy Happy Hour than on a Thursday Night! Knowing that when I wake up in the morning I can do it again! Woohooo!

Chips and Dip - Black bean, queso fundido and fresh guacamole

“Trev, I get it man! Can you talk about these eye catching dishes I see?”

Sorry about the rambling..I get caught up in freedom talk since I know Friday is a matter of just taking a nap and waking back up again. Anywho…..

Virginia and I met up after work to get there early for Happy Hour and other than grabbing a refreshing freshly made Caprihina, we wanted to enjoy the Happy Hour menu with some tasty snacks.

We first took a road trip to a fabulous chip and dip which is something you don’t find on a regular basis.

The chips were freshly created with a loud crunch and a saltiness that can leave your lips licking each other over and over again to resolve the flavor. Combined with that you have black bean, queso fundido and fresh guacamole to choose from to dip into to fit your fancy.

It’s like your chip gets to swim in 3 different radiant lakes of love. Each item is the most perfected dish of elegance in taste to your palate. Just simply delicious!

Then we order the Beef Short Rib Tacos which contains succulent braised short ribs spices and chilies. Squeeze a little bit of lemon on it and this mad scientist invention just leaves you in a comatose. Trust me…It is really that good!

After my 2nd drink and a swim with 15-20 chips and dips, a road trip in my mouth to those delicious braised beef tacos; it was time to take a mission to these charming Lamb Albondigas.

Now this was a treat!

Spicy Moroccan Lamb meatballs sitting on top of a roasted goat cheese piquillo sauce just begging for you to bite into it.

The meat was tender and flavorful and the sauce combined with it gives it a sour, spicy and potent burst of flavor that feels like Las Vegas in your mouth.

I have never tasted anything like it in relation to bar food and it is truly a means of living life eating in a entertaining way! Good Job Cascal! That is true live action eating!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure and I hope to see you on the next mission! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.

References are Albondigas?. Retrieved from

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