I’ll do ‘The Dance of Joy’ kickin for BBQ with Fried Chicken!

Pork ribs, beef ribs, potato salad, fried chicken, hotlinks collard greens

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The earliest European settlers were looking for quick wealth so agriculture in the South didn’t take off until African farmers were brought here. African Americans brought seeds of collard greens, peas, okra (kumba), yams, watermelons and sesame (benne). They used the same farming techniques they had learned in Africa, creating a surplus of crops that became the basis for traditional Southern Hospitality.

The rural South of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries produced few cities outside of ports like Baltimore, Charleston, and New Orleans. Travel was difficult. Lonesome homesteads and plantations were far apart. Guests expected to visit for days if not weeks. Not only did they need to rest, but they brought news and entertainment to isolated families. Chickens and pork were served in every possible fashion. Salted, smoked country hams were boiled and baked and served with beaten biscuits. Greens and their potliquor were served with cornbread. Desserts featured ambrosia, trifles, sweet potato and pecan pies. Barbecues, and fish feasts drew distant neighbors together. At oyster roasts, oysters were steamed, fried, stewed, served in patties or just raw.(southernfood.com)

Today’s Restaurant

Mom’s House (TasteBook Recipes) – Tracy, Ca

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A whole lot of hugs, kisses, love and helping her grill the meat. 🙂

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Recommended Dishes to BBQ with family: 

Fried Chicken, Pork and Beef Ribs, Hotlinks, Collard Greens, Potato Salad, and Corn!

Favorite Food Celebration Dance:

It’s the weekend and it is sunny outside and any time the sun is willing then I am willing for a BBQ!

“Trevis, I love to eat BBQ but it is always so hard for me..I guess I’ll just read today..”

“My dear friend, BBQ is really easy and you can do it with the simplest ingredients.”

Let’s talk about it.

First important thing is the meat you buy. Try not to buy meat that is frozen but buy meat that is fresh from a market that the butchers cut for that day.

Depending on what type of hotlinks or sausages you like then buy those. I prefer hot dogs or hotlinks that grow as you cook them because they make a great popping sensation when you bite into them. Evergood is a great brand so try it if you have no idea where to start from.

Let me tell you some secrets that will have your friends and family begging you to cook for them again!!

A secret to cooking your ribs is to get a 2 liter of Coke or Pepsi and boil your ribs in that for about an hour or two. Then pull the ribs out and season on both sides with creole seasoning or seasoned salt  and drizzle honey on both sides and then grill just to get the sear on them. You can place your hotlinks on the grill as well and you are just about ready for this pleasureful delight.

Brush with your favorite BBQ sauce while on the grill and then you are good to go! True live action eating!

Pork ribs, beef ribs, potato salad, fried chicken, hotlinks collard greens

The other part of having a great barbecue is the sides. My Mom has some great recipes for side dishes so be sure to visit her Tastebook site to get some ideas.

“Trev,Cmon man! I don’t know how to cook stuff like that..The meat I can do but now you are asking me for too much..”

“No worries my friend! I have purchased side dishes from the store many of times and they taste just as good and sometimes better.”

You can buy Collard Greens precooked in a can, as well as corn and potato salad.

Corn bread is a must and Jiffy has a box you can buy that has easy to follow directions. Just add about 2-3 tablespoons of sugar to the mix to give a little sweetness to it.

Another great idea for a side is barbecue baked beans but make sure you don’t overdue the sides else people won’t be able to enjoy the delicious and tender meat you just cooked.

Well enjoy your Sunday everyone! Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to speaking with you on the next run. Keep hope alive!!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


SouthernFood.com (Date Unknown). A Brief History of Southern Food. Retrieved from http://www.southernfood.com/history.html

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