I’ll Bounce in a Hydraulic 4 Door Coupe for Some Tasty Egg Flower Soup!


Live Action Quick Tips

Did you know….

The first Chinese restaurants in America served authentic Chinese dishes with modifications borne from necessity. They were known as “chow chow” restaurants, marked by triangular yellow flags and known for their cheap prix-fixe specials and all-you-can-eat dollar menus. The eateries were created by the Chinese for the Chinese, using local ingredients that were available to them. These substitutions occurred mostly in the vegetable department: broccoli for kailan; carrots, peas, and white button mushrooms in place of mustard greens or shiitakes.

The restaurants became a target of ridicule by Westerners who cringed at the thought of eating whole animals, poultry feet, and bird’s nest. Rumors spread that the Chinese were consuming rats and dogs. The restaurants were quickly dismissed as barbaric. The tide eventually shifted. Around the 1880s in New York City, a growing community of bohemian writers and intellectuals began to embrace the exoticism of the food (and readily welcomed chop suey’s 63-cent price tag). By the end of the 20th century, chow chow restaurants could be found in every major city.(firstwefeast.com)

Today’s Restaurant

Mandarin Gourmet – San Jose,Ca

Average Cost

Around $13-$15 per plate

Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Egg Flower Soup, General Tso’s Chicken, Broccoli Beef


No offense to Panda Express but authentic Chinese food is at it’s best. 

Better than all the rest.. 

The one dish that puts all off brand Chinese food to the test.

It will definitely put some real hair on your chest.

In an all out food fest!

If any of you reading this has had an opportunity to dine at an authentic Chinese food restaurant then you know there is a difference between Chinese fast food compared to authentic Chinese food.

Authentic Chinese food is lighter, has an environment of elegant dining and the best way to know if you are at the right place is if there are a lot of Chinese people eating there.

“Hey Trev, Are you being racist? Why did you say that tons of Chinese people have to eat there in order for it to be truly authentic?”

“My sweet judgmental friend, my fiance is 100% Chinese and I got this information from her so calm down..I am for the people and the man of the people…Just making sure you know the real deal. No holds barred!”

Anywho..Back to the story..


My fiance was feigning for some Chinese food so we decided to head to one of her favorite Chinese restaurants Mandarin Gourmet!

Keep in mind that she didn’t come to the US until she was a teenager so if she says a Chinese spot is authentic and delicious then I believe her.

I have had it before and every dish was fantastic! The other good news is I never have a stomach ache after  the meal like some fast food restaurants.

Since I am an amateur at Chinese food, I let her get the dishes and I just go with the flow. That’s as long I get my American Chinese fix dishes like Broccoli Beef or Sweet and Sour Pork. 🙂

She loves soup and after years of eating magnificent tasty soups with her, I go with whatever she chooses.

The soup for today is the egg flower soup. Light, tasty and is the perfect appetizer for your meal. Light on calories and really gets your palate ready for the upcoming dishes to come!

Next we look at the Chefs specials and there is General Tso’s Chicken containing chicken breast, dried chili pod and bell pepper in a spicy sauce.

The bright colors and taste is in a realm of itself and every bite leaves you in a atmosphere of heavenly bliss!

Then we go with the Beef Broccoli dish which contains beef tenderloin and garden green broccoli.

The burst of elegance and fantasized flavor of beef and bright green broccoli just brightens your day!

A Chinese restaurant like this makes a great place to have memories for the family and bring you to a place of happiness and peace!

Next up is a fortune cookie that will have you take that peace with you with good news for the future! Good job Mandarin Gourmet! True live action eating!

Thanks for joining on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


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