You’ll need a Romantic Room after Dinner at Pasta Moon!

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Cross-cultural influence on the early identity of the Italian peninsula was amplified by Italy’s proximity to the great kingdoms of the Etruscans, Greeks and, later, the Saracens from the Arab empire making contact across the Mediterranean. Though the origin of the Etruscan people is uncertain, the major contribution of the Etruscans to Italian cuisine was a kind of porridge eventually called pulmentum, a mushy-grain dish that was a predecessor to the cornmeal-based polenta popular throughout Italy and internationally (once corn arrived in Europe from America). The maritime Greek nation popularized the kind of fish chowder recognizably called bouillabaisse in French and brodetto throughout the south of Italy (Root 1971). The Arabs were especially influential in the south and especially Sicily, where the origins of dried pasta production can be traced. A predecessor to the modern lasagna, called lagana, existed in ancient Rome and points to an older customs of making dough out of flour and water, but the technology of the kind of dried pasta in extensive use today has clear Arab origins (Capatti and Montanari 2003). Other notable imported cultures include the Germanic Lombards who left their mark in the north of Italy as well as the Hapsburg Spanish influence especially on the rich and savory aspects of Neapolitan cuisine (centered around the city southwestern port city of Naples) .(

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Pasta Moon – Half Moon Bay

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Lasagna, Skirt Steak

So it’s been a long time coming and me and my fiance are finally getting married…..

Time for the rehearsal dinner and we wanted to make sure we ate somewhere romantic and elegant that would set the occasion off perfectly.

Thanks to our dear friend Tigist, we found a perfect spot for a luxurious experience of decadence and scrumptious grub at Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay!

Let’s talk about it..

First of all, Half Moon Bay is a beautiful secluded city here in the Bay Area with beautiful water, white sandy beaches and a great place for a wedding. We held our wedding at the Oceano Hotel and Spa and man was it a great experience! I highly recommend to check them out if you are looking for a wedding venue.

Outside of that, Pasta Moon has a great ambiance for a wedding rehearsal, with tasty food and large enough rooms to provide plenty of space for fun and entertainment for your wedding party.

We had about 20 people attending our wedding rehearsal dinner and the room they accommodated for us was cozy, private and roomy enough to move around so quite exquisite for the cost.

There are 3 different types of dinner selections you can have for your guests which gives you a lot of choices. Rather than go into all of them, you can take a look here; we chose Menu 1.

The dishes that we gorged down with plenty of wine was the Fish of the Day – Salmon, Pasta Moon Lasagna and Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak.

The presentation of the dishes was of great art and picture perfect to the eye. I won’t judge them on the fish since I didn’t taste it, however a couple of the guests did and unfortunately the fish was cold in the middle and they had to send it back and when it returned they said it was dry.

However, I did taste the skirt steak and the lasagna and these dishes were of great power and significance!

The skirt steak came with arugula salad, cherry tomato,and parmesan and boy it was juicy, cooked at a perfect medium and the flavor was as if they cooked it in butter. Each bite was a soothing massage to the mouth and great punch of awesome meaty steak flavor. Excellent steak!

Now this lasagna, I have to say was the best lasagna I have ever tasted in my life!

Housemade Sicilian sausage caressed by oozing, sizzling mozzarella, ricotta, sweet and tangy tomato sauce, with bright chili flakes, and parmesan.

All you could hear was moans and groans all over the table..

The food portion of this lasagna almost had the entire plate full and there was nothing that was going to stop me from pounding this bite after bite! True live action eating! Good job Pasta Moon!

Thanks for taking some time with me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.

References (April 20, 2008) The Origins and History of . . .Italian Food Retrieved from

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  1. Cold in the middle!?? That smacks of improperly thawed and not fresh! Bleah. However, in general, I love the places you are eating! Makes me hungry😺

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I felt bad for my guests that bit into the fish with it tasting like fishy ice chips but I’m sure it was just a rush job to fulfill all of our guests on time. The rest of the food was fantastic!

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