Mendoza’s on McKee is the place to be!

Chicken Enchiladas with rice,beans and salad

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The history of enchiladas can be found pre-Colombian times when the Mayas first invented the tortilla. In the time of the Aztecs, they would wrap tortillas around small fish or other bits of meat. There is also evidence that they would fry the tortillas in grease, then put them on a plate and pour salsa over the top, add cheese, then another tortilla, cheese, salsa and so on. They would then top the stacked enchilada with a fried egg and some lettuce.

The history of enchiladas is actually quite interesting. It’s progressional history, I might say. We have taken an ancient dish, gave it a name; (in 1885, the word enchilada first appeared in print, meaning “chili filled”) and transformed it. We now stuff tortillas with cheese, shrimp, beef, pork, and the most famous of all, the chicken enchiladas. We have taken something from the past, and brought it through to the future. The Tex Mex enchiladas that are drowning in red sauce are a far cry from the Aztec times, but the enchilada has survived anyway.(

Today’s Restaurant

Mendoza’s Restaurant – Mckee Rd. San Jose,Ca 

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Carne Asada Burrito, Chicken Enchildas

If you live in California or Texas then you definitely have had your fair share of Mexican food.

You probably have a few favorite Mexican restaurants that you dine at on a regular basis; and you even have your favorite dishes that you order regardless of the Mexican dinner location.

Maybe you like dry burritos, or wet burritos, or taquitos or tacos…

Bottom line, Mexican food is delicious and here in the Bay Area we have many restaurants to choose from and you will see me write about my fav’s here and again.

Today we will talk about one of these restaurants close to my stomachs heart and that is Mendoza’s Restaurant in San Jose, Ca.

Let’s talk about it…

One thing that I love about the Bay Area is the food diversity and restaurants galore that tickle your fancy usually within a couple blocks anywhere you live.

Mendoza’s is a Mexican restaurant that is right around the corner from our condo and a tasty delight for dinner when we don’t feel like cooking.

I usually stop in and order 2 carne asada burritos ‘to go’ which contain mouth watering carne asada, rice, beans, lettuce, and sour cream with a spicy red salsa on the side.

We’ll talk about that on another day; today I had the day off of work so I decided to head on in for something different; red sauce oozing mouth watering chicken enchiladas!

I think in any chicken enchilada there are 2 things that are extremely important, the flavor and texture of the chicken and the sauce.

If you can hit both of these on point then you will definitely have an audience for this showdown.

Mendoz’a has hit the nail on the button by combining their delicate, tender chicken, wrapped in a fresh tortilla with a red enchilada sauce that tastes good enough to sip through a straw.

Each bite was a great tasting sensation for the palate when the slightly spicy red enchilada sauce hits the tongue. The chicken was seasoned perfectly and falling apart within the enchilada as if it was slow cooked for hours.

With the fresh re-fried beans on the side, the flavorful Spanish rice and fresh salad combined with this great dish really made it an enjoyment to the mouth and the mind. True live action eating! Good job Mendoza’s!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.

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