There ain’t no doubt that I love Chili’s Southern Smokehouse!

Southern Smokehouse Burger

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The early years
While Chili’s was founded by Larry Lavine, it’s Norman Brinker that gets the credit for Chili’s being where it is today. Norman Brinker was an industry pioneer that served as President of both Jack in the Box and Burger King. He also founded Steak and Ale and helped get Bennigan’s off the ground. We can also thank Norman Brinker since he was the one that brought us the salad bar.

When Norman Brinker bought Chili’s from Larry Lavine in 1983, the chain had grown to 23 locations in the Southwestern part of the U.S. The original focus was on Chili’s original “Big Mouth Burger.” Brinker added Sizzling Fajitas to the menu in 1984 and Baby Back ribs in 1986.

Upside down picture in every Chili’s restaurant
No one is quite sure how it came about, but every Chili’s locations has one upside down picture hanging somewhere in the restaurant. Each sign is painted in red and green and hung upside down. The tradition looks to have influences of Chinese culture as the Chinese word for ‘arrive’ rhymes with the word for ‘upside down’. The upside down picture symbolizes that good luck will arrive and it’s a subtle way that Chili’s is greeting all those that arrive at its locations.(

Today’s Restaurant

Chili’s – San Jose, Ca (Eastridge Loop)

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Recommended Dishes: 

Southern Smokehouse Burger

Anyone with a couple of kids has either heard of Chili’s or been to Chili’s.

It is a great place for family, groups as well, or just going by yourself for a quick bite or drink during Happy Hour.

I have been eating here for years and you can always count on them to add new delicious items to the menu as time moves forward.

They have great salads, chicken fingers and on today’s discussion; great hamburgers!!

Let’s talk about it..

The talk of hamburgers always excites me..

Mushroom burgers, bacon burgers, burgers with onions, burgers with onion rings, double pattied burgers, burgers with tomatoes, etc. etc.

Burgers..Burgers..Burgers.. That’s all us Americans talk about.

Here in America, we look for excuses to eat a great oil dripping burger.

It’s 4th of July..

We’re eating burgers..

It’s hot outside…

We’re eating burgers..

It’s cold outside..

Let’s get a burger…

An earthquake just happened..

Let’s get a burger..

Bottom line; burgers are an American tradition that definitely put a smile on my face and today is burger day!

Me, my wife and my son journey over to Chili’s with burgers on our mind. With saliva dripping from our mouths, we all order without hesitation as soon as we see the waiter.

The Smokehouse Burger winked at me from the menu and I was super anxious to sink my fangs into it.

The description says it is topped with 4 slices of applewood smoked bacon, melted sharp cheddar cheese, house-made garlic dill pickles, spiced panko onion rings, fresh leaf lettuce, tomato & Chili’s Signature sauce and served with a side of Chili’s classic BBQ sauce.

Let me just say that description is just as good as seeing it for yourself. It is exactly as described.

I bit into this mythical burger and immediately the crunchy onion ring pops in my mouth with enormous flavor!


Then the juices and flavor of the burger erupt in my mouth combined with the signature sauce that massages my palate and that is now 1 official swallow.

Next I pour a bit of this wondrous barbecue sauce they have onto the burger and bite down again.

This was like lighting a TNT barrel on fire!

Instant firecrackers in my mouth!

Bite after bite..Moan after moan until it was all gone!

True live action eating! Good job Chili’s!

If you haven’t had Chili’s in awhile and you are feigning for a burger then I suggest you go. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


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