Chinese Fast Food at it’s Best at Panda Express!

Chinese Spare Ribs, Orange Chicken, Beef Broccoli, Brown Rice

Live Action Quick Tips

Did you know….

The foundations for what we know as Chinese food were laid in the mid-1800s, when a huge influx of Chinese immigrants came to California during the Gold Rush, mostly from Canton (today known as Guangzhou). The newcomers started opening restaurants, and eventually began settling elsewhere thanks to the railroad expansion. That resulted in the establishment of Chinatowns all over the place (never forget, Jack Nicholson!).

In the 1920s, Chinese food started to catch on among the bohemians (who sometimes ate the food before it was cool… and burned the roofs of their mouths). It wasn’t until after World War II that it started to become more mainstream. Chinese chefs would often have two menus: one for Chinese people and one for Americans… but as its popularity grew, the American-tailored menu came to dominate.(

Today’s Restaurant

Panda Express – Capitol and McKee Rd. San Jose,Ca

Average Cost

Less than $10 for 3 items and a side

Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Chinese Spare Ribs, Orange Chicken,Beef Brocolloi

Chinese food is a delightful meal that I have grown up with and it will always have a special place in my heart.

My mom used to bring Chinese food for dinner in the 80’s when she came home from work and we would always indulge in the sweet flavors of sweet and sour pork, or orange chicken and crunchy egg rolls.

I used to love dipping my egg rolls into sweet and sour sauce and then slurping chow mein while biting into the many different items that she was able to buy for us three growing teenagers without going broke.

“Hey Trev, that fast food Chinese Food is not authentic Chinese.. You American’s are fooling yourselves!”

“My dear Asian friend, I understand your point as I enjoy both sides of the coin..I’m going to talk about the American style Chinese food today. We’ll talk authentic on my next run..”


Let’s talk about it…

So I’m riding around doing honey-do-list errands on my day off and I’m starting to get hungry.

Should I get some Mexican food, a juicy bacon burger or maybe…

Just as I was at my whits end from making a decision, I see a sign for a delight that I haven’t had in awhile..

Panda Express!!

Aaaaah the crisp flavorful broccoli, the tasty sweet and succulent orange chicken…

Let’s dig in!!

I walk in and the first thing I see is a new item on the menu and boy do they look scrumptious.

It’s Chinese spare ribs that have a sparkle on them that light up the room.

I go for the 3 item combo with a side for $8.50. Man what a great deal!

I order the spare ribs, my favorite orange chicken, beef broccoli and brown rice to make sure I get my fiber for this meal as well.

I sit down and dive right in to the ribs first..

Their description of this fabulous dish is “Equal parts traditional Chinese and classic American, Chinese Spare Ribs are marinated and slow-cooked, then wok-fired in our tasty Chinese BBQ sauce. Our sauce is inspired by Char Siu, which is a traditional Chinese barbecued pork.”


The meat is tender and succulent and juicy, the sauce is finger licking good and they give you a good portion to keep you satisfied while you scarf down these extravagant little masterpieces.

Next I bite into the orange chicken..

Their description: “Orange Chicken is a dish inspired by the Hunan Province in South Central China. It is prepared with crispy boneless chicken bites, tossed in the wok with our secret sweet and spicy orange sauce. Panda’s very own Executive Chef Andy brought this entree to life and it quickly became Panda’s most beloved dish.”

The flavor just pops into your mouth like a lighting bolt and then calms down with the sweetness. The chicken tender and succulent and leaves you begging for more.

Then I bite into the beef broccoli..

The beef is tender and flavorful, the broccoli is crunchy and fresh. A great veggie add on for this meal.

The brown rice is the middle man bite between each entree bite. I can’t see a better way to enjoy a meal than knowing you are still being healthy while enjoying the meal. The brown rice is steamed and cooked perfectly and soft to the bite as well.

Bite after bite..Moan after moan..Yum!! True live action eating! Good job Panda Express!

Thanks for joining on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.



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