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Spider Roll - Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, masago

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The 1960s were the ideal time for sushi to make an appearance on the dining scene. World War II ended nearly a generation before, and young gourmands were ready to be introduced to a totally unique cuisine. While the appeal of raw fish and cold rice might have been lost on their parents, cosmopolitan twenty-somethings sought out new foods. That was especially true in swinging Southern California, where the nation’s first sushi restaurant opened in 1966.

Named Kawafuku, the restaurant was located in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles. It wasn’t just a sushi joint, though. The bottom floor was a Japanese restaurant, serving more accessible dishes like teriyaki and tempura dinners. But the top floor was a sushi bar, with a sushi master named Shigeo Saito brought from Japan to help introduce diners to the intricate delicacies of traditional sushi. Saito’s wife was the only waitress at the bar, and together they presided over a bustling hotspot in the Los Angeles dining scene.(

Today’s Restaurant

Yuki Sushi – Willow Glen

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Whatever type of sushi that floats your boat, Fried Chicken wings

So it’s Friday night and I’m looking for a meal to kick off this weekend off right!

Something exotic….

Something fun..

Something bite size…

Somewhere lively…

When I’m in this type of mood, Sushi is usually a good item of choice.

And what better than great food with a great environment. Let’s do Yuki Sushi in Willow Glen!

Let’s talk about it…

Japanese style fried chicken wingsIf you have tried Sushi before then most likely, someone introduced you to all of the different varieties you can try.

If you are not familiar with what it is then here is a quick definition for you. It’s basically a Japanese food with rolled up rice combined with different ingredients and eaten with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi.

Wasabi is this green spicy horse radish type of ingredient that you mix in with your soy sauce and ginger as a dip for your sushi.

Be careful with that Wasabi though; it will really make your hair stand up! I am almost bald and when I disrespect it’s power and add too much to my soy sauce, I can still feel the electrification in my pores.

Anywho…There are all types of creations you can indulge yourself in; unagi rolls, spider rolls, California rolls for the super amateur and all kinds of more raw fish rolls as well for the experienced Sushi lover.

Me personally, I always make sure I eat cooked dishes but whatever floats your boat is up to you. I am a little more hesitant on eating anything raw but that’s just me.

Back to this live event!

Tonight I am going to have some Japanese beer, while listening to the great background music and start with their KARA-AGE WINGS which are Japanese style fried chicken wings and some spider rolls for my entree.

The Spider Rolls consist of Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber and masago(processed roe (eggs) of the capelin fish).

Let the games begin!!

There is nothing like fried chicken and beer I must say. I take a sip of the Japanese Beer –Kirin and begin the slaughter.


Perfectly fried chicken with a lemony flavor all over it and really tender succulent chicken in the middle. It makes this night’s festivities a truly lively and entertaining experience.


Now my Spider Rolls arrive..

They glisten in the light and seem to be blowing kisses at me.. They have officially wooed me and I’m diving in..

I take the soy sauce and squirt some in the small bowl on the side, add the ginger slices and then add about half of the wasabi and begin to blend the wasabi into the soy sauce by slightly jabbing the mix with my chopsticks.

While doing that, I am staring down this sensual creature that keeps begging me to stick my fangs in her.

I grab my chopsticks and slowly engage her as I lift her slowly off of the plate. I then take her on a swim in this river of spicy sauce of goodness and then place her entire body of elegant ingredients in my mouth.

Aaaaaah man!!

There is a slight crunch from the crab with all of this wonderous seafood and crabby flavor, then I am hit with the spice from the wasabi and power of the soy sauce with a left over flavor from the masago.

Each chew you get more and more flavor and the rice settles all of the flavors to combine you with a circulation of delight in each roll you bite.

Roll after roll..Dip after dip.. Nothing but sensual, delicious, heavenly bliss! True live action eating! Good job Yuki Sushi!

If you have never tried Sushi then I suggest you do really soon. I promise you that you won’t regret it!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


Stephanie Butler (DECEMBER 12, 2014 ) Nigiri to California Rolls: Sushi in America Retrieved from

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