These Grilled Pork Chops will make you ‘Sing a Happy Song’ when you Dine at Pho Kim Long!


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Did you know….

The pork chop is one of the most perfect parcels of protein known to man (or woman), possessing a rich, intense flavor (in the way all meat attached to a bone is flavorful). It’s affordable, costing a fraction of what you’d pay for a comparably sized veal chop or beef rib steak. It’s respectable enough to eat with a knife and fork, but equally at home being raised to your mouth with your fingers (especially when it comes to gnawing the meat off the bone).

Pork chops come in four major types, each with unique characteristics, yet they’re similar enough to be interchangeable for most pork chop recipes.

  • Rib chop: Cut from the front ribcage section of hog. Includes a section of rib and a meaty medallion of pork loin. Available pencil-thin, two-fingers thick, and everywhere in between. As far as I’m concerned, the thicker, the better.
  • Loin chop: Cut from the back section of the hog. Includes a piece of loin and tenderloin connected by a T-shaped bone. When cut thick, it’s sometimes called a pork porterhouse.
  • Boneless loin chop: A lean round slice of pork loin with the rib removed. You could think of it as the pork version of a skinless boneless chicken breast.
  • Country-style rib: A long slender pork chop cut from the neck—technically, not a rib. May or may not contain a bone. This is one ”rib” that’s so tender you can cook it by direct grilling. And its per pound price is super attractive.(

Today’s Restaurant

Pho Kim Long – San Jose, Ca

Average Cost

Under $10

Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Crab Noodle Soup, Pho of your choice, Grilled Pork Chops

So it’s getting close to Winter and starting to be a little chilly here in San Jose,Ca.

“Hold your horses Trev, I live in the East Coast and we’re talking NEGATIVE degree Fahrenheit not put on a thin sweater at 50 degrees..”

“Excuse the french, my dear Buns Frozen Friend, it was a bit chilly to us spoiled weather Californians..Is that better?”


My wife and I were meeting some friends for dinner who are visiting from New York and they wanted something that can get their taste buds racing…

Something that they couldn’t get in New York that exploded the palate…

Something the Bay Area is known for..

That something is Vietnamese Cuisine at it’s finest.

And today the Vietnamese restaurant of choice is Pho Kim Long!

Let’s talk about it…

Visiting with friends for dinner is always a great time.

Laughs and giggles..

Hearing stories of old times..

The best part is when you have good food along with it.

One of my favorite Vietnamese dishes that most people know about is Pho and egg rolls.

We have tons of Pho restaurants in the Bay Area to choose from and all of them have a difference in their broth; so make sure to go to a couple of different Pho restaurants before you say you don’t like Pho.

Pho Kim Long has one of the best broths in the Bay Area and even a crab soup that is a staple of perfection!

I usually go with everything in it, like Rare Steak, Well-done Flank, Tendon, & Tripe in one soup.

Outside of the soups they have many other dishes at Vietnamese restaurants like pork chops, beef ribs, chicken plates, etc.

Today, I’m going for the grilled pork chop and boy is she a beauty!

Let’s dive in..

As we are enjoying talking and laughing, I suddenly feel time begin to slow down as I see the waitress slowly lowering my plate with this exotic sensation of delicate matter.

Oh she is a tender sunshine of mischievous delight…

My feet are trembling underneath the table as I wait patiently for everyone else to get their plate as she keeps glistening her sinful salty, greasy self into the shimmering light.

I see everyone’s plate arrive and then I answer her call to slice into her.

I cut oh so softly and gently into her tender moist body and then instantly place some of her into my mouth..


Saliva bursts all through my mouth to the point I drooled.

She has crisp edges but tender in the middle with sweet pork flavor and also seems to be combined with broth from their Pho.

She tastes so good I think I have lost consciousness of where I am.

I feel like I am in a whirlwind of fantasy food porn pleasure rising above the earth in a cloud of white cloudy pillows.

I must wake up.. I must not be completed captured from her wicked porky ways…

Bite after bite.. Chew after chew…

Nothing but utmost goodness at every bite! True live action eating! Good job Pho Kim Long!

If you have never tried Vietnamese food then I suggest you find the nearest restaurant fast! I promise you that you won’t regret it!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I hope to see you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


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