You can Inject me with the Flu as long as you give me some Smoked Pork Green Chile Stew!


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The chiltepin, a wild relative of the cultivated chile, did grow in parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Northern Mexico prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, and the region’s inhabitants presumably used the plant (though direct evidence of such use is scant for precontact times, early Spanish documents record indigenous collection and use of chiltepin). These small, round, orange-to-red peppers with a spicy kick appear to have been used as a spice rather than as a foodstuff.

Cultivated chiles of the kind we celebrate in the Southwest today don’t seem to have been a major part of the diet north of the Mexican border until about the 1700s, and even then they were used primarily in areas with a substantial colonial presence. Minnis and Whalen argue that chiles may have been slow to gain popularity among indigenous Southwestern populations because they didn’t fit within long-standing culinary traditions that apparently favored bland foods. The spread of chiles seems to be a result of colonization, rather than just a yearning for spice in the diet. Colonization brought changes in the status of different kinds of foods, and colonial policies altered the foods produced and eaten by local populations.

In contrast, on the other side of the globe, chiles spread quite rapidly into Europe and Asia—where other kinds of spicy ingredients were common—after seeds brought back from Columbus’s second journey were cultivated in Spain, setting off what some have called a “minirevolution” in cuisine. The next time you dig into a tasty bowl of posole, pot of red or green chile stew, or green chile cheeseburger, consider the historical circumstances that led these foods to be so essential to New Mexican and Southwestern identity.(

Today’s Restaurant

Armadillo Willy’s – Sunnyvale, Ca

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Recommended Dishes: 

Smoked Pork Green Chili Stew, Hickory Bacon Burger, All of their BBQ

Everybody loves a good soup on a cold chilly day..

Better than soup is a stew..

And what better than a stew with smoked pork in it!

I tell you ‘Hands Down’ that this Smoke Pork Chili Stew from Armadillo Willy’s is one of the best stews I have ever had in my life on Earth!

Let’s talk about it..

So it’s a normal chilly day here at work in the morning and I’m doing my normal duties when I hear my email go off on my cell phone.

I take a look and Armadillo Willy’s sent me a limited time offer on a new dish on their menu.

The picture immediately gets my attention with the glow of sour cream and Sriracha glistening on top of heavenly green chili stew in the digital photography.

The description is New Mexico Green Chili Stew with Smoked East Texas Pulled pork, pinto beans, sour cream, cilantro, and Sriracha. Served with a special Griddled Corn Bread Muffin with a sweet cinnamon butter.

I immediately called my buddy Justin for a lunch adventure to the lands of Mexico and Texas for a delicious combination of succulent Texas pulled pork and spicy Mexico Chili’s!

We arrive and we get our orders in right away. I’m so anxious that my eye is twitching…

We arrive, place our orders, handed our buzzers, we sit down and begin to chat a little bit while we await some mad man’s scientific experiment.

My buzzer goes off and I speed walk to the counter to pick up this masterpiece as if I was Speed Walking Olympic Race!

The artistry of this dish was just gorgeous at the least. You can see the tips of the smoked pork showing off her large sexy backside and hearty beans popping their eyes out at me in different areas of the soup, while the sour cream of pure white color and the red of the Sriracha just made the bowl glow with appeasement.

I must pursue.. I must attack…

I grab my spoon and dive right in!

Instantly Zombiefied!!!!!

It is soooo good that I just stopped right after I bit into it and almost cried with excitement!

The smoked pork is soooo tasty and succulent that it could be eaten by itself, in a sandwich or even in liquid. I could drink a blended drink of it!

The beans were plump and packed  with flavor and the combination of the sour cream and Sriracha gave it a perfect coolness with a spicy punch!

The icing on the cake was the Muffins..

They had a slight crispness to them with a softness to them that were just superb!

The sweet cinnamon butter they had to spread on top of it was an experience of a lifetime!

True live action eating! Fantastic job Armadillo Willy’s!

If you have time to go try this stew while they are still offering it; I highly recommend you do so. I promise you that you will not regret it!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I hope to see you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


 Matt Peeples, Preservation Archaeologist (2015 ) Red or green? Retrieved from

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