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The Temecula Valley.  Southern California Wine Country.

The history of winemaking in California began with the founding of Mission San Diego de Alcala in 1769. As the mission chain advanced northward from San Diego, vine cuttings were planted at each of the new missions, with some mission sites more successful than others at producing wines. Among the most successful of the missions was Mission San Gabriel, just north of present-day Los Angeles, whose wines were generally regarded as the finest of all the mission wines. By the early 19th century the California wine industry was concentrated in Southern California, with a number of successful wineries being established in what is today downtown Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley, and other favorable locations, including, somewhat later, Cucamonga Valley. During much of the 19th century Southern California provided most of the wine produced in the state, eventually being supplanted by Northern California as the wine production center of the state.

In the late 1960’s Southern California grape growing and winemaking began a revival in the Temecula Valley with the planting, beginning in 1968, of substantial wine grape acreage. The first wines from the new vineyards were produced by Brookside Winery in their Cucamonga winery, but in 1974 the founding of Callaway Winery marked the beginning of winemaking in the Temecula Valley. Since then numerous additional wineries have been built, some with restaurants and overnight facilities, including luxury resorts.(

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1909 Restaurant – Temecula, Ca

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1909 Burger, Beer Battered Fish Tacos

So it’s the ‘Best of The West’Pop Warner Football event in Southern California; and I am here to watch my youngest son (Safety) finish off his football season with their Super Bowl event.

The event was held in Murrieta, Ca so I decided to stay somewhere close which was Temecula, Ca.

Temecula seemed to be a great town to stay in and it was impressive from the 1st night in.

They had a Christmas parade about 2 miles long with magnificent lighting, bands and everyone from the community lined up on both sides of the street.

They also have a huge casino called Pechanga with great entertainment, great dining and huge amounts of fun. I’ll talk about that on another blog..

Another great experience was the beautiful Christmas lit area downtown, with tons of restaurants and a party crowd that filled the scenery.

This is where my wife and I found ourselves on Friday night to enjoy the Southern California night life with some Southern California cuisine..

Let’s talk about it…

So like I said, we were making our way through downtown Temecula and were drawn to a restaurant on a corner that seemed to have tons of laughter and happiness flowing out from the inside called 1909.

According to their website, 1909 Temecula is a tribute to the Machado building, the location where the restaurant and bar now lives.  Well before the 1909 burger was created, this structure has been home to a trading post, livery, auto shop and most notably a bar.  During the 70’s, the Longbranch Saloon was known as the roughest place in town to get a drink.  Locals often stop in and tell stories of brawls and shootings. In fact, several bullet holes are still in the ceiling.

I can definitely say that the draft IPA’s were fantastic so I get why people have been drinking there for so long; but also, the food was something that makes me wants to drive 6 1/2 hours again just to stick my fangs in it one more time!

Let’s get back to the grub…

So we sat down and I was debating whether to go for the Bison Burger or the 1909 Burger…

I asked the waitress and she said they are famous for the 1909 burger and I won’t regret it, so that was good enough for me..

1909 Burger it is!

Virginia ordered the Fish Tacos.

Upon arrival of this masterpiece, I see a branded ‘1909’ right on top of the burger bun, which was definitely different and truly unique.

And unique I must say with reverence..

This burger is described as a 8 oz special blended patty, with bacon onion jam, sharp white cheddar,heirloom tomato, wild baby arugula and garlic aioli on a brioche bun.

I am not sure what blend that was in this special patty but I must say that this was the best burger I have ever had!!

The freshness of every item, how juicy the burger was, the bun with perfect texture, the bacon jam, the garlic aioli!!!!

I am almost in tears writing this..It is soooooooo darn gooooood!!!

Boom!!Pang!!! Pow!!! Kabooooooooooom!!!

Instant comatose flavor bursting reaction!!!

True live action eating!! Fantastic job 1909!!

I don’t want to forget about the fish tacos..

Which are fresh beer battered yellow tail, with crisp mixed cabbage, spicy lime creme, pico de gallo and cotija cheese.

These delightful blessings are super tasty with a great crispy bite and flavor punching finesse. Another great testament of how amazing the food is here.

If you plan to go to Southern California soon then make sure you stop by Temecula. Visit the Casino and visit downtown and make sure you stop by 1909. I promise that you won’t regret it!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.

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