Tender Sweet Love to your Belly when you’re Dining at Kelsey’s!


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Did you know….

The first barbecue sauces were mostly butter. In “Nouveaux Voyages aux Isles d’Amerique” by Frenchman Jean B. Labot in 1693, there is a description of a barbecued whole hog that is stuffed with aromatic herbs and spices, roasted belly up, and basted with a sauce of melted butter, cayenne pepper, and sage, a popular technique from back home that probably came to the new world via the French West Indies by slaves and Creoles. The French are incapable of making anything without butter. The French also were big on meat juices in their sauces, an ingredient still found in some homebrewed Texas barbecue sauces and more recently in Adam Perry Lang’s Board Sauces.

The German fondness of pork with mustard resulted in the wonderful yellow barbecue sauces still popular in a band of South Carolina from Charleston to Columbia.

In 1867, just after the end of the Civil War, after all the slave cooks were freed, the Georgia widow Mrs. A.P. Hill published Mrs. Hill’s New Cook Book dedicated “to young and inexperienced Southern housekeepers… in this peculiar crisis of our domestic as well as national affairs”. It contains the first reference I have found for a sauce for barbecue. It is mostly butter and vinegar: “Sauce for Barbecues. – Melt half a pound of butter; stir into it a large tablespoon of mustard, half a teaspoon of red pepper, one of black, salt to taste; add vinegar until the sauce has a strong acid taste. The quantity of vinegar will depend upon the strength of it. As soon as the meat becomes hot, begin to baste, and continue basting frequently until it is done; pour over the meat any sauce that remains.” Interestingly, Mrs. Hill shares many “catsup” recipes, among them two for tomato catsup that are pretty close to what we know today. Originally ketchup was probably made from fermented fish.(amazingribs.com)

Today’s Restaurant

Kelsey’s Food & Drink – Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, Ca

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Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Everything!!!! Ribs..Collard Greens, Pork Belly Baked Beans

Something about tender rich meat smothered with barbecue sauce just gets me excited in every way.

Arousal in my eyes, my sense of touch, my palate, my stomach, even my sexual parts.

Then you take that and mix it with collard greens, baked beans and corn bread and I’m liable to explode.

I had an awesome, memorable breathtaking experience at one of the best barbecue joints I have been to in my life and that was at Kelsey’s in the Pechanga Resort & Casino.

Let’s talk about it…

So my wife and I are strutting through Pechanga Casino and I ask one of the tellers at the main desk.. “Is there any good restaurants in here?”

One of the tellers pulls me to the side with a twinkle in his eye and says, “Absolutely!”

He points us to a realm of heavenly delight called Kelsey’s.

We get seated into a restaurant with TV’s galore, all kinds of beers on taps and a menu that just brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Corn chowder with bacon for starters, Southern Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Catfish, Smoked Ribs, Tri Tip and much more.

I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest because of the excitement.

So I ordered a beer, and not just any beer, a flight of beers.

They had a decorative setting that the IPA’s arrived in, where I got my fill of all kinds of festive beer delights.

Then the order began..

Bring me some chicken wings to start off..

Then Bring me some smoked ribs…

Some collard greens..

Some pork belly baked beans..

Some corn bread with honey..

Let’s dive in..

The wings arrived and boy were they grilled to perfection..

Each bite packed a punch of Southern flavor with a little spice that perfected them excellently! Yum!!

Then the waiter begins to layout about 4-5 different types of barbecue sauces to enjoy at our desire.

The waiter explained all of the different sauces from Jalapeno, to Texas Style and a couple more.

They are all made and created by Kelsey’s and were packed with flavor and exquisite in nature.

The ribs arrived with the greens, baked beans and corn bread..

Things just got real!!!

I dive into the baked beans first to get a Mike Tyson punch to my palate.


Sweet and chunky, meaty and everything you could want in this dish.

Now the ribs..


It tastes like it just came out of the smoker.

Super tender, still moist and the sauce on top was just out of this world.

As a matter fact, all of their sauces were ridiculously good!

Another rib bite..


Another bite of the baked beans..


Bite of the corn bread..


Collard greens…


My mouth is like a chipmunk right now and I am on overload..

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! Yuuuuuuummm!!


After the explosion if that flavor arrived a Red Velvet Shot of delicious Red Velvet cake with multiple layers of frosting throughout.

If you have a sweet tooth then you will be put in a comatose from this. Your body will go through chills from the impact of this tasty delight.

Soft and delicate with rich flavor from the cake and frosting combined that will always be a memory you will keep in your database.True live action eating! Great job Kelsey’s!

If you are in the San Diego, Ca area soon then make sure you visit the Pechanga Casino. Especially Kelsey’s!

I promise you that you won’t regret it!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


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The History Of Barbecue Sauce Retrieved from http://amazingribs.com/BBQ_articles/history_of_bbq_sauce.html 

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