Time to Celebrate and Bang your Drum..Happy Chinese New Year at Fu Lam Mum!


Live Action Quick Tips

Did you know….

Chinese New Year 2016  is the Year of the Monkey

The Monkey’s Traits: Sharp, Smart…

People born in a year of the Monkey are witty, intelligent, and have a magnetic personality. Personality traits, like mischievousness, curiosity, and cleverness, make them very naughty. Monkeys are masters of practical jokes, because they like playing most of the time. Though they don’t have any bad intentions, their pranks sometimes hurt the feelings of others. Monkeys are fast learners and crafty opportunists.

They have many interests and need partners who are capable of stimulating them. While some like the eccentric nature of Monkeys, some don’t trust their sly, restless, and inquisitive nature. Although they are clever and creative, monkeys can’t always exhibit their talent properly. Monkeys like to take challenges and they prefer urban life to rural.

How “Monkeys” Should Keep Healthy

Usually Monkeys are very healthy, partly due to their active lifestyles, and wanting to experience the flavors of life. If they do experience illness, it is usually of the nervous or circulatory system. People born in a year of the Monkey often spend more time at work. Therefore Monkeys need to remember to take breaks to save their energy during their busy schedules. Since Monkeys usually do more outdoor activities, they should pay attention to safety, and while traveling or driving.

The Best Jobs and Careers for Monkeys

When it comes to their careers, Monkeys work very hard. They can adapt to different working environments. Good career choices for monkeys are accounting and banking, science, engineering, stock market trading, air traffic control, film directing, jewelry, and salesmanship.

How to Build Relationships with “Monkeys”

In relationships, Monkeys are not very quick in settling down, as they tend to be promiscuous and are easily bored. However, once Monkeys get a perfect partner, they commit to him/her in every possible way. Since Monkeys love to talk and are sociable, they can be communicated with easily.(chinahighlights.com)

Today’s Restaurant

Fu Lam Mum – Mountain View, Ca

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Egg Flower Soup, Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce, Beef short ribs with black pepper honey sauce, Yu Choy with Garlic, BBQ Pork Fried Rice

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

I know I’m posting this as a belated New Year wishing, but how could I post this before I can even celebrate the New Year my silly humorous friends.


We non Asian American’s may not celebrate in the full heart of the meaning of Chinese New Year but we definitely try.

Being that my wife is Chinese, it makes me personally try to celebrate it even harder.

What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with unique authentic  Chinese food from Hong Kong.

Our Chinese New Year celebration meal will begin at Fu Lam Mum!

Let’s talk about it…

So my wife and I arrive in the heart of downtown Mountain View to find a slew of people ready to dine and  drink to have some evening enjoyment.

We walk into the 2 floor  Chinese restaurant of Fu Lam Mum and it is packed to the core with majority of my Asian-American friends.

We sit down and are served our hot tea and we immediately  get our orders in.

Our meals today will be Egg Flower Soup, Fish Fillet with Black Bean Sauce, Beef short ribs with black pepper honey sauce, Yu Choy with Garlic,  with BBQ Pork Fried Rice.

First arrives the Egg flower soup..

MmmmMMMM good..

Light and flavorful  and prepares our palates for the main dishes to come.

Every sip was of exotic delicacy that brought me utmost enjoyment.

Then the rest of our dishes arrive…

Time for the real deal HolyField festivities to begin!

I dive into the beef short ribs first and got smacked with large burst of flavor.


Tender and sweet with a sauce that makes you cringe with satisfaction!

Then the fish…

Boooooom Shaka Laka!!

A perfect crisp layer on this delicate super tender and super powerful flavored fish that will knock your socks off.

Time to slow this party down some and taste the BBQ Pork fried rice.

Baaaaaam!!! Yum!!

Rice that is nice and fluffy with all kinds of flavor from the sweet tender pork pieces and egg posing inside.

Then I take a bite of the  Yu Choy with Garlic and receive nothing but excellence when I bit into this crunchy garlic flavored veggie delight.

Bite after Bite..Chew after Chew..Moan after Moan.. 

Nothing but True Live Action Chinese New Year Eating! Great job Fu Lam Mum!

I hope you all enjoyed your Chinese New Years.We’ll definitely continue this next year.

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life. Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


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