I feel like a Billionaire Mobster when I’m scarfing at Rockin Baja Lobster!

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Shrimp, crab, and crawfish boils are a Louisiana Cajun tradition and can be found across Louisiana and can even now be found along the Gulf South. But it is the more popular crawfish boil that is most closely associated with Louisiana. The Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival in Louisiana has been named one of the top 10 food events by USA Today[3] and is a showcase for Cajun music and culture. Major crawfish boils are held by churches and other organizations as fundraisers throughout the spring. Tulane University holds an annual “Crawfest” in April, and the University of New Orleans holds an annual crawfish boil for all students at the end of the spring semester (Students unwinding on Crawfish and Unprecedented Fun—SUCAUF). Smaller events can be found in backyards and parks throughout April, May, and June. Locals traditionally eat crawfish, as well as crabs, without tools such as shell crackers or picks.(en.wikipedia.org)

Today’s Restaurant

Rockin Baja Lobster – Old Town, San Diego

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Lobster Corn Chowder, Signature Baja Buckets

Americans don’t gather around for just barbecue.

We flock for seafood boils as well.

What’s a seafood boil?

A seafood boil would be considered a get together where you boil potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob, some great seasonings and most of the time shrimp, crawdads or crab.

I won’t be boiling myself today, but dining at a restaurant that does.

Let’s talk Rockin Baja Lobster..

Something about a crab boil just makes my toes tingle!!

The spicy seasoning, the corn bursting with buttery seafood flavor and not to mention the succulent shrimp and luscious crab massaging my palate.

While, my family and I were on our yearly family getaway in the beautiful San Diego, California we found a great place to enjoy a boil at Rockin Baja Lobster.

They had a great selection of boils or buckets I should say, to satisfy every tempting desire you may have.

Crab buckets, lobster buckets, shrimp buckets and more!!

I chose the surf and turf bucket which includes Baja Shrimp, Snow Crab, Grilled Marinated Chicken and Grilled Carne Asada. Not to mention an appetizer of the lobster corn chowder bowl!

Time to dive in!!

First things first, time to get my bib ready because this is going to be a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

My decadent bowl of lobster corn chowder arrives..

Let the games begin.

I take my first sip and you can imagine it is everything you could imagine.


Succulent fresh pieces of lobster with a thick flavorful corn infused soup.

Now this magnificent looking masterpiece of a bucket arrives on the table.

Beautiful exotic colors of the sea and land catches your eye like a Hawaiian break of dawn.

I warm myself up by biting into one of these marvelous looking shrimp first.


A wonderful salty spicy burst of the succulent shrimp hits my mouth.

The shrimp is sweet and fresh and seasoned perfectly.

Now for some corn action.


The corn bursts in your mouth with sweetness and saltiness at the same time.

I take a sliver of the chicken and carne asada.


Both were juicy and seared to perfection on the grill.

Now time for Excalibur.

I see this glistening masterpiece of crab with her beautiful orange dress begging for me to undress her.

I grab her gently and lift her out of her bath and undress her oh so gently.

I see her tender flesh and dip her back in the bath then sink my fangs in her.


Instant gratification!

She is so tender, the seasoning blends with her perfectly. Sweet,fresh and succulent. Yum!

Let me get more shrimp..


More carne asada..more corn..more chicken..

Boom! Pow! Bang!

Back to the crab..


Nothing but true live action eating! Great job Rockin Baja Lobster!

If you have never been to a shrimp, crawfish, or crab boil, then I suggest you get your boiling pot ready and invitations out to family and friends quickly.

I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life. Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


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