True Finger Licking Fixings over at Orchard City Kitchen!

Did you know….

Fusion Cuisine is actually not new. It has been around for a couple of decades. Chefs started to merge cuisines around the ’70s. Culinary legends like Wolfgang Puck among others introduced this concept. He actually laid down the foundation for this technique. He is the brains behind the common culinary fusions and pairings. An example of which is the fusion of European cuisine with Asian cuisine, commonly referred to as Eurasian cuisine. This was easy for Chef Puck because of his knowledge of both cuisines. He was originally trained in Europe, but he is thoroughly familiar with the Asian dishes. Eurasian basically combines two cooking techniques and dishes, so you can end up with poached tofu, for example, which generally mixes European and Asian method of poaching.(

Today’s Restaurant

Orchard City Kitchen –  Campbell, Ca(Pruneyard)

Average Cost


Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes: 

Korean Fried Chicken, BBB – Bacon, Biscuits, Honey Butter, Pretty Much everything on the menu

Finding a Pub with a great food menu can be tough sometimes.

These usually have 1 or 2 dishes that are good, but the overall menu has no flavor.

A great Pub will not only have a great drink selection but also great tasting grub.

I know the spot that has it all!!

Let’s talk about Orchard City Kitchen….

So it’s Happy Hour time and my wife and I are hungry and thirsty for an ice cold IPA.

We head towards the Pruneyard in Campbell to see what Pub or restaurant we can find.

We search on Yelp and see a bunch of positive reviews for this place called Orchard City Kitchen.

We make this our restaurant selection for tonight and head right over.

We walk into a sight of a bar setting, in a country style decorative environment.

We order a couple of drinks and a few appetizers to kick off the night..

  • KFC korean fried chicken green onion ◦ sweet heat ◦ crispy garlic
  • BBB biscuits ◦ bacon ◦ honey butter

The 1st thing that arrives is the BBB.

I take the biscuits, cut them in half and spread the butter on both sides.

I grab one of the slices of this juicy sparkling piece of delicacy and place it in between the biscuits to make a bacon biscuit sandwich and went in for the bite….


Wow!!! This is good. Super succulent bacon, sweet & tender with a brown sugar glaze and black pepper on the edges.

The biscuit has a buttery crust on the outside and soft in the inside. Combined with this honey butter, this combination is a heavenly masterpiece!

Now to move on to the Korean Fried Chicken..

I’m going in…


The KFC has a great crunch, tender chicken with a Korean flavored punch meeting sweet with heat.

I need more BBB….


More KFC…


Double whammy overload!!

Boom!! Pang!! Pow!!!

Nothing but true live action eating!! Great job Orchard City Kitchen!!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life. Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


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