You’ll need a Break after the Falls of Mcway..How about an Ambrosia Burger at Nepenthe!

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Big Sur is located along Scenic Highway One approximately 150 miles south of San Francisco and 300 miles north of Los Angeles. Historically, the name Big Sur, was derived from that unexplored and unmapped wilderness area which lays along the coast south of Monterey. It was simply called El Sur Grande, The Big South. Today, Big Sur refers to that 90-mile stretch of rugged and awesomely beautiful coastline between Carmel to the north and San Simeon (Hearst Castle) to the south. Highway One winds along its length and is flanked on one side by the majestic Santa Lucia Mountains and on the other by the rocky Pacific Coast.

The scenic qualities and the natural grandeur of the coast which result from the imposing geography, the rich vegetative compositions, and the dramatic meetings of land and sea are the area’s greatest single attraction to the public. Big Sur has attained a worldwide reputation for its spectacular beauty. Hiking, backpacking and scenic driving are major recreational activities.(

Today’s Restaurant

Nepenthe – Big Sur, Ca

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Soup of the day, Ambrosia Burger

Not sure if you have ever experienced the beautiful wilderness and waterfalls of Big Sur but if you haven’t then you definitely should.

Streams all around you as you hike through the green forest of the Mcway Trail or Pfeiffer Falls, while fresh clean air flows through your lungs and you gaze over the mountains to see a gorgeous view of God’s creation of the Pacific Ocean greeting the soft sands of the beach in a turquoise blue.

After you have completed your hike, you can get replenished at a restaurant that gives you a beautiful view of the mountains and ocean at Nepenthe.

Let’s talk about it…

So my family just did an 8 mile round trip hike at Mcway Falls and we are beat.

I am famished and need some hearty carbs to get my blood flowing.

I take a look at the menu and we order a couple of appetizers to immediately give us a boost of energy.

My wife gets the roasted brussel sprouts with crispy pancetta, toasted pine nuts, and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano dressed with citrus vinaigrette and for myself, a cup of butternut squash soup.

The soup arrives and with the little bit of energy I had, I begin to take a sip.


Super flavor and a boost of energy hit me immediately.

I keep sipping and moaning..sipping and moaning. What a great soup!

Now time for the main dish..

My boss told me to go for an Ambrosia Burger there and sure enough, the waitress says that it is one of the most popular orders.

This burger is described as  a ground steak sandwich, served on a French roll with their Famous Ambrosia Sauce.

Let’s do it!

My Burger arrives with a side of garbanzo-kidney bean salad and I dive right in.


Succulent steak juices rip through my taste buds!

Now for the bean salad.


They mix this with some kind of dressing that makes each bean pop with great flavor!

Burger bite again.. Baaang!

Bean salad bite.. Pow!

Baaang! Pow! Baaang!

Nothing but true live action eating! Great job Nepenthe!

I can’t forget to mention the the four layer chocolate fudge cake to complete the meal described as dark chocolate cake with a semi-sweet chocolate ganache.

Each bite was a fantasy of chocolate on chocolate with soothes your palate to a realm of heavenly completion.

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life. Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.

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