You’ll Cry out for your Mom after Eating a Burger at Nom!


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Om Nom Nom Nom is an onomatopoeic phrase used to indicate that someone is eating or that a food item is particularly delicious. The expression is often used to caption image macros that involve food or appear as if something is being eaten.

The expression originated with the character Cookie Monster from the children’s television series Sesame Street,who was invented by the American puppeteer Jim Henson in 1966. When given a plate of cookies, the monster would ravenously devour them while repeating the phrase “om nom nom.” The earliest known appearance of the phrase “om nom” online was submitted to the website Urban Dictionary on December 19th, 2004.(


Today’s Restaurant

Nom Burger – Sunnyvale, Ca

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Recommended Dishes: 

Nom Burger, Loaded Tater Tots

I love lunch time.

This is when you usually have hit the peak of your day and you need that energy boost.

Whether it is a break from work or after a morning work out, it will definitely give you a shot to make it through the rest of your day.

I’ve had a long morning at work and I need a big dose of carbs to get my mood back stable and joyous.

What better way to get a dose of joy back in your life than a juicy Burger.

I found the spot for that; and it’s called Nom Burger.

Let’s talk about it…


So like I said, I’m famished and ready to sink my teeth into some greasy sweat dripping flesh.

I arrive at Nom Burger and skim through the menu, to not only see a list of some well thought out toppings and structure for different types of burgers, but also loaded tater tots.

Awesome! I love taters!

In America, we have been raised with tater tots as kids. I remember through grade school you would see tater tots almost with every meal.

Hot dog and TaterTots..

Hamburger and Tater Tots..

Corn dog and Tater Tots..

We even would have Tater Tots with fruit.


I ordered the loaded Tater Tots and the Nom Burger described as an All-natural beef patty, gruyere, caramelized red onions, butter lettuce and roasted tomato aioli. I also made sure to add candied bacon!!

Fast forwarding;  my food arrives and poses for me like Miss Universe and Miss California.

Miss California consisted of beautiful glistening tater tots laying one on top of another with a light blanket of sour cream and an orange top begging me to lay down with her.

Miss Universe was a succulent looking Burger, thick in the body but able to fit in all of the wrapped lettuce and onion fittings that surrounded her with buns so soft you want to sleep on them.

I dive into to a tater tot first and she explodes with flavor in my mouth.


The perfect crunch and soft textures within, as well as the saltiness, spice and coolness from the drizzled sauce opens up my palate like a grenade hit it.

I’m really excited now so I dive in the burger next with my heart pounding out of my chest.


The bun is sweet, soft and tasty all on its own. The burger is super juicy, flavored and succulent.  The candied bacon had patent deserving flavorful!

Powerfully flavorful and sweet; combined with the grilled onions, it was a complete masterpiece.

Let me get more tater tots in my mouth. Bang!!

Another burger bite.. Pow!!

Booooom ! Paaaang! Poooooow!

Instant gratification! True live action eating! Great job Nom Burger!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life. Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.


Orignally Crated by Jamie Dubs and Updated by Eρყƈ Wყɳɳ (May 2016)
Om Nom Nom Nom Retrieved from 


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