This Grub will Make your Day, at the Ice Cold Brewery of Skagway!

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Skagway Alaska is a very accessible town by Southeast Alaska standards. A trip to Skagway can be accomplished by Road, Sea, or Air, but most visitors to Skagway come via the sea on one of the many cruise ships that make port in this popular tourist destination.

Fishing in Skagway is often overlooked by cruise ship passengers, but the locals know better. Locals, and some of the more adventurous tourists, seek out Wild Alaskan Salmon and giant Halibut in the waters around and just outside Skagway. One of the advantages that Skagway has over other fishing areas, is its lack of large scale commercial fishing. Without the big nets and long liners, there are more Salmon and Halibut to catch for the sports fisherman.(

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Skagway Brewing Company – Skagway, Alaska

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Buffalo Chicken Wings, Halibut Fish & Chips, Alaskan Beer of course!!

So it’s my 40th Birthday celebration and my wife and I are on a voyage on the sea with Princess Cruises to the exotic, beautiful icy environment of Alaska.

Today we stopped in Skagway for an exciting encounter with the locals and an opportunity to enjoy some hiking in the cool Mountain Tops and ice cold water rapids of Chilkoot Trail.

After the long hike, we headed downtown and looked to find a relaxing, warm Alaskan Pub called Skagway Brewery.

Let’s talk about it…

I am famished…

We just did a 4 hour hike in the woods in a breathtaking forest in Skagway- Chilkoot Trail, then traveled back to land on a raft over some icy, rip roaring rapids, with the surround views of Bald Eagles all around us with beautiful greenery of an Alaskan forest and glaciers.

Now that we have completed that mission, time to sink our teeth in some grub.

We find Skagway Brewery and immediately the sound of beer mugs slamming together, laughter and smiles were in our midst.

We order two Chilkoot Trail IPA’s, Buffalo Chicken Wings,  and Halibut Fish & Chips.


Our beer arrives in an ice cold mug and we immediately say ‘Cheers’,  smack our mugs together and take a gulp.


How refreshing..

The carbonation, the hops, the immense flavor brings a party to your mouth and throat!!

What a great brew!!

The wings arrive…


The wings are succulent with a buffalo sauce oozing over them that tastes so good it will make your legs shake. Super flavor coming out of these things!

Next up the Halibut Fish & Chips..


Wow are these good! Officially the best fried fish I have had!!

The freshness of the fish, thickness of the steak, crunch and the flavor made this the perfect staple for this brewhouse!

True live action eating at it’s finest!! Good job Skagway Brewery!!

Thanks for joining me on today’s adventure! I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life. Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.

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