I won the sugar battle!!Jesus healed my diabetes.. No name bigger than His!!

Hey ya’ll,

It wasn’t that long ago April 18th, 2018 that I wrote to you guys and let you know that the doctors said that I have Type II Diabetes. It started from that alarming 4am call by the nurse to go to the ER because my Glucose levels were through the roof at over 600 ml.

By the time I reached the hospital, my blood levels had dropped to 300 ml, but they were certain I had diabetes and that long term I would have to be on medication and possibly even have to take insulin.

Today, I am here to tell you that I am no longer taking medication. My blood levels are in normal range under 100 ml after fasting and after eating around 120-130ml.

I will use this platform to tell you what I did myself, but honestly this is nothing short of a Miracle and all tribute I give is to Jesus Christ Himself. Thank you Lord!!

Now let’s get to business and discuss what changes I made and how you can make these changes to help you improve your life.

First things first, in order to understand how to combat diabetes you have to know how your liver and pancreas function.

I had a brief understanding of how it worked from taking a Nutrition class some years back to finish my degree. The understanding of what foods to eat to keep your body functioning properly and ward off diseases is priceless information. Super valuable!

If you have never taken a Nutrition class then I highly suggest you do. Especially if you have diabetes or even cancer.

With knowledge from Nutrition 101, I was able to have a brief understanding on how digestion works.

You eat something > Your body turns it into glucose which enters your blood stream > Your body produces insulin (little hands) that grab the glucose from your bloodstream and feed it to your cells.

Sounds pretty simple right?

The problem is, when you eat too much or add too much sugar to meals, then you have too much glucose in your bloodstream and not enough hands (insulin) to pull the glucose out and feed it to your cells.

Here’s an example:
Let’s say that there was a fire hose blasting tons of water (bloodstream) and within the huge powerful stream of water were little apple seeds (glucose) that you have to grab “One at a Time “as they move past you.

If you tried to grab them you would miss most of the time because the stream is too fast or if there were too many seeds you wouldn’t be able to grab them all.

This is where Fiber comes in to slow down the flow of glucose in your blood, so your hands (insulin) has the ability to grab as much of the glucose as possible to feed it to your blood.

The other piece of the pie is to not add too many apple seeds (glucose) to the stream of water(bloodstream).

You can do this by watching your diet and limiting the amount of sugar(glucose) that enters your bloodstream. I limited myself to less than 7g of sugar in anything I ate and stayed away from all processed foods.

This includes white rice, white noodles, white bread, and anything made with white flour. I’ll make a list of preventatives, so you can see it and take note.

A video that gave me a really good idea on how to combat diabetes was “The Myth about Blood Sugars and Diabetes” by Dr. Eric Berg DC.

I highly recommend you watch it and follow his instructions to add 7 cups of vegetables to your diet a day. Potassium is one of the keys to reversing and fighting diabetes.

Getting back to my story, upon release from the hospital, I was given two drugs to take Glipizide and Metformin.

I was told that the Glipizide would help my body produce more insulin(more hands) and Metformin would stabilize the insulin in my body.

I would be taking these drugs twice a day and monitoring my blood levels by using a Glucose Meter.

When I left the hospital I was around 200 ml. I started taking the Glipizide and Metformin that night and by morning I was around 180ml.

They said to take the Metformin with food and Glipizide 30 minutes before eating, so I did that.

Good news is that I didn’t really have too many side effects, except that by day three I had diarrhea for a couple of days and also that I began to get shaky when I hadn’t eaten for a couple of hours.

My diet was and is very strict..

No hard liquor at all. I eliminated that and beer. Red and white wine I had, but only on my non work out days, which was Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

I made myself a Kale shake for the week, which contained a banana and coconut water. Tons of potassium to get to my liver to help it store sugar the right way.

I also, ate kale salad every day and kale salad at night as well, along with lean meat (turkey bacon, fish, chicken, etc.)

By a week and a half my blood levels seemed to be really close to normal range. After a couple of hours of not eating my blood glucose levels were around 90-120 and after eating around 150-160.

I told my doctor about feeling a little shaky and I wanted to stop taking the Glipizide because my blood glucose levels were getting low.

He gave me the ok given that I monitor my glucose levels closely.

After a day or two of monitoring my levels and only taking Metformin. I now noticed my blood levels even more in normal ranges.

I was now at fasting levels 90-100ml and after eating 120-130ml. Woohooooo!

My body feels better, I’m lighter on my feet, I can run faster in the gym, I’m healed!!! Glory to God!!

I pinged my doc and told him that my levels are normal and I want to stop taking the Metformin.

Once again he gave me the ok and to watch my levels.

As I’m writing you right now, it has been two days medicine free and my blood levels are normal. I am healed!!!

I loved the docs comment to me after I spoke to him earlier today, he said, “I have never seen anyone in all my years recover this quickly..”

Now other than prayer, let me tell you what I did to eliminate this disease…

  1. I stopped drinking hard liquor – I drank about 2 shots of whiskey per night (neat) in the past year. It would give me slight stomach aches sometimes under my belly button, but it tastes so good I didn’t care. This was a warning sign I ignored in the past year.
  2. I work out 3 days a week and increased my cardio at the gym – I have always speed walked for 20 minutes and then moved to weights. Now I do intervals of running in my cardio. This helps with reducing glucose in the blood.
  3. I stopped eating processed foods other than whole wheat or whole grain – Any type of processed food, white flour, white rice or white noodles I stayed away from
  4. I added 7 cups of veggies everyday into my diet – I drink a kale blended juice every morning, kale salad for lunch and kale salad or kale juice for dinner.
  5. No candy whatsoever
  6. Red or white wine only – I only drink on days I don’t work out; maximum 2 drinks per night
  7. I lowered my calorie intake to less than 1800 calories per day
  8. I only ate the fruits low in the Glycemic Index – Apples and Grapes for desserts
  9. I look at every box I eat from and choose only items that are 7 grams or less and are high in fiber. I try to find granola bars or cereals that have at least 14% daily intake of fiber or higher.
  10. I stay away from any fried foods made with white flour. Also, no potatoes whatsoever.

Today to celebrate my healing, I ordered a Blaze Pizza made with their Gluten Free Dough made from brown rice flour. Toppings included pepperoni, Italian sausage, mozzarella, applewood bacon crumbles, pineapple and a drizzle of barbecue sauce.

I get home super impatient with my bottom lip trembling for a taste of that goodness..

I rip open the box faster than the front door shuts behind me. I’m going in..


A loud crunch from the crust bounces sound around the room..

The red sauce is flavorful and gets your attention right away. Add the succulent sausage, pepperoni and bacon and that tips the scale. Now finally the pineapple and barbecue finish your palette off like the ending of a chime during a symphony.

Pure live action eating!!

If you or your family members are suffering from diabetes or you are prediabetic, I hope this inspires to fight. Don’t give up. What is impossible for man is not impossible for God.

With faith, all things are possible!

Thanks for joining me on today’s end to a scary adventure with a happy ending.

I look forward to seeing you on the next run! Keep hope alive!

Eating is an enjoyable way of life.

Live it..Learn it..Love it!

Trevis Dampier Sr.

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