No if and’s or maybes..Please take me to Blue Daisy!!

Did you know….

The town of Santa Monica was launched by two entrepreneurs: Colonel Robert S. Baker, who made a fortune in mining equipment before taking up cattle and sheep ranching, and Senator John P. Jones of Nevada, owner of silver mines. They purchased land along the coast, hoping to develop a prosperous industrial port. An eloquent auctioneer initiated the sale of the first town lots for the new city on July 15, 1875 with evocative imagery:

… we will sell at public outcry to the highest bidder the Pacific Ocean draped with western sky of scarlet and gold; we will sell a bay filled with white winged ships; we will sell a southern horizon, rimmed with a choice of purple mountains carved in castles and turrets and domes; a frostless, bracing, warm yet languid air braided in and out with sunshine and odored with breath of flowers.

Although Baker and Jones built a wharf and railroad, their dream of a port city ultimately failed. Rather, the natural scenic and environmental assets extolled by the auctioneer set the new city in a new direction as a beach resort and an attractive place to live. (

Today’s Restaurant

Blue Daisy – Santa Monica, California

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Rating (1-10)


Recommended Dishes:

Baked egg meat sauce, Salmon Cake Scandia, Breakfast Combo, Coffee


Holiday weekends make great for loving memories with the family!

Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving or even the grateful tribute day to our troops for Memorial Day.

What makes these weekends even better is when you combine a birthday celebration!

Let’s talk about my Labor Day/Birthday weekend extravaganza in Santa Monica,Ca at a new found love called Blue Daisy..

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