Watch “Oct 11, 2020 – Satan’s Deceptive Weapon he is using right now..” on YouTube

Make sure you really are listening to God’s voice (Holy Spirit) regarding anything right now. Satan is using some speaking in His Name to deceive with false dates from dreams regarding the Rapture, disasters and other war tactics to give you hope, then knock it down.

Satan twists the truth. The Lord is indeed coming really soon and Satan knows his time is coming up fast and is doing everything he can to manipulate what the Lord is speaking to HIs people. Keep your eyes on Jesus and do not go back to sin under all cost.

Satan Goal – Cause doubt in the Believer. I’ve seen 2-3 brothers and sisters in Christ shutdown their social channels because they were deceived

  • Cause doubt in those watching. Make people think they have more time and then they fall back in to sin
  • Cause doubt in the authenticity of the Lord Jesus guiding the Believer, so Satan can lead them astray

Scriptures of Reference:

Deut – 18:21-22
1 John 4:1-6
Luke 17:22-25
Matt 24:22-25
Luke 21:8-9

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