Bill Gates plot REVEALED: Are we being fully informed about the “COVID-19 Solution?”

Things are all going according to plan. The cry for normal is increasing the cost for Salvation. The pressure, the anxiety is everything they want to see..

Soon, every Hollywood Sports figure, actors you trust, religious leaders and all you trust on Earth will push you to grab normal.

There is a price for it.. Your soul.

Jesus Christ paid your sin debt in full, however,  your signature of acceptance is needed. The signature is to repent and follow Him and you will be Saved!

Gates, Big Pharma ploy to use religious leaders to convince people to get the COVID-19 vaccine

It’s no secret that Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates – who has no medical training – is a huge proponent of mass vaccinations.  And in his estimation, “vaccine hesitancy” is a major obstacle in his and his cronies’ attempt to push vaccines onto the world at-large.

Gates frequently attempts to belittle vaccine skepticism as purely conspiratorial, and he recently suggested using religious officials and other community leaders to carry the banner for mass vaccination and convince people to line up for the jab.

Gates and his partners already used this approach in developing countries like Nigeria in order to convince people to allow their kids to be vaccinated against polio.  Of course, you may remember that at one point in 2019, more African children ended up paralyzed due to a mutant polio strain from the vaccine itself rather than the wild polio virus the drug was supposed to protect people against.

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