Pfizer, BioNTech make it official: COVID-19 vaccine EUA submitted

Even though thousands have already been injected with the vaccine, including most of the Trump cabinet (satanic plan to infect them), the rest of you have a short window for choice.

This temporal testing ground called Earth had a purpose for God. That through the testing and refining to Christ’s Likeness you would choose Him above all, become One with Him as He is One with the Father God and live in Him throughout eternity.

You have taken the temporal and changed it to eternal in your minds, when that is not true. This life is here, then gone away..

This vaccine will alter your DNA, remove the God Gene from you and implant Nephillim (Demonic) DNA in you, one with millions of microchips to monitor you and control you.

If you take it, then you are no longer human, able to receive transformation into an Incorruptible body, but now half demon and God will turn His back on you.

The choice is yours.. Jesus (Eternal Life) or the World (Eternal Damnation)

Please repent and get right with Jesus Christ, so you can escape what’s to come!

#Yahweh #Yeshua #LordAlmighty #SovereignLord #Nameaboveallnames #TheWay #TheTruth #TheLife #TheGate #Heaven #KingdomofHeaven  #Saved #Glorified #Endtimes #LastDays #FeastofTrumpets #markofthebeast #verseoftheday #birthpains #Judgement #Christian #Christianity #hope #love #Jesus  #Christ #HolySpirit

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