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I had to search all over to figure this out.. I think I got it after reading from this quora answer –

My answer- The Darkness is still there in hiding, waiting for a chance or opportunity to come back out. As long as your lamp stays lit within yourself,  the darkness can’t find an opportunity to come back out.

Which leaves the importance of keeping your lamp lit – Staying in repentance, ,staying away from sin, staying in obedience, following the 10 Commandments,  Loving the Lord thy God will all your heart, mind ,soul and all of your being,  and treating everyone like you would want to be treated.

Lord’s Answer-

Answer 2 from quora: Nowhere, it is actually still there, you just can not see it because it is too bright. I promise you it is still there. If you do not believe me there is a test you can do to see if it is actually still there.

Answer 3 from quora: It goes to the moon and waits on the dark side until it is needed again the following night. Pink Floyd released quite a good album about it. It was called something like ‘The dark side of the moon’.

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