Police officer, suspect who was shot at Capitol reportedly have died


We have alot of God Winks going on related to the Great Eacape of Judgement during this season with plenty of Birthpain Warnings and signs.

We have the blockage of the Red Sea during Passover and Ever Given being freed the same day Joshua crossed into the Promise Land by the Super Moon.

We have Nisan 21 the day the Israelites crossed the Red Sea with the Gentiles on this Resurrection Day Celebration occuring on the 7th Day of Passover.

Now the Capitol Murder with suspect “Noah” that died on Good Friday 2021, that would mean he falls right into Resurrection Day on Sunday like Jesus would.

The Lord is speaking! High Rapture Watch this weekend!

Noah’s Ark
Genesis 8:4 dates in a Hebrew Word Study: The Hebrew New Year begins in the month of Nisan (April of the contemporary calendar). However, there is another calendar that may have been used to account for the days of the Flood. This account is documented in an ancient Jewish commentary on the Genesis passage.
According to this ancient calendar, the ark rested on the mountain on precisely the same day that Jesus was resurrected from the tomb. Yes, that’s right. Thousands and thousands of years before the resurrection, God engineered history to point toward the pinnacle event of salvation. Just as the ancient judgment ended on the day the ark touched the ground, so the judgment of the restored world ended on the same day of the year when the tomb could not hold Him.

Please repent and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for payment for your sins..

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