Israeli archaeologists think new Chinese hominin ‘Dragon Man’ may be Homo Nesher – Israel News –

Very interesting they call this find “Dragon” man.. I believe they found a Nephillim Skull..

Revelation 12:7
Satan Thrown Out of Heaven
And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought,

Dragon Man’s massive cranium exhibits a mix of primitive and modern features, as many hominin remains from the Middle Pleistocene do. The Harbin cranium had a capacity of about 1,420 milliliters, in keeping with our own brain size, which is a “modern” attribute.

It also had a “primitive” beetling brow, a relatively flat head, low cheek bones, a wide mouth and large teeth, and a big nose. It is the largest of known Homo skulls found so far, the team adds. It also featured large square-shaped eye sockets, which is unusual, Stringer tells Haaretz. Ni elaborates: no similar degree has been observed in any other human fossils, he says.

The Spiritual realm is real and the demonic realm will soon be seen..

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