Israel’s new government compromises in West Bank, signaling continuation of Netanyahu’s policies

I was looking for some type of agreement of a sign related to Sivan 23 and the Esther 8 story as the King gives Queen Esther (Jesus) the estate of the enemy and Mordecai introduced as Queen Esther’s family member ( The Church) a Ring of Authority over the estate as well as a signed decree to the Jews to protect themselves..

Here we see today an agreement taking place over land in Israel very similarly, as Palestinians continue to war with Israel as enemies.

See below..

It posed an early test for Israel’s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, and his ideologically disparate government, but eventually a compromise was reached with Jewish settlers over an unauthorized outpost in the occupied West Bank.

Under the agreement, 53 families will leave the hilltop south of Nablus, Daniella Weiss, the head of the outpost’s settler group, told NBC News this week.

A survey will be carried out to prove that the settlement, named Eviatar after an Israeli killed by a Palestinian in 2013, was established on state land and not land owned privately by Palestinians, Weiss said. The plan is to set up a religious school and then for families to eventually return, she added.

An Israeli government official confirmed that an agreement had been reached.

Weiss said that she was not satisfied with the deal but that she had chosen the less favored option because “the alternative is a terrible clash between thousands of settlers and thousands of soldiers.”

Prepare for the Coming of the Lord!

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