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Bioluminescence is caused by certain proteins belonging to a group called luciferases. However, these proteins are hard to work with because they are large and unstable.. Now, enter NanoLuc (NLuc for short), a luciferase system that has been optimized since 2000 to be smaller and more stable. In 2012, NLuc hit the bioluminescence market, and within the last 3 years has there been enough data to determine if this new, smaller system is effective and useful in medicine. .

Getting a luciferase system to glow in the laboratory is a lot like baking a good cake: it requires specific ingredients mixed together in an important order, and a lot of care and attention. Just as a cake requires ingredients like eggs, water, oil, sugar, and flour, the Nanoluciferase system requires the Nano luciferase protein, a special chemical that can react with oxygen, and plenty of oxygen. A luciferase system creates light through a chemical reaction known as an oxidation: a reaction where a chemical loses electrons (and typically gains an oxygen molecule).

A glow-in-the-dark protein called luciferase improves medical diagnostics

The Mark of the Beast System is real and here!

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