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The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 777
The meaning of multiple number sevens such as 777 and 7777 is derived from it being a reinforcement of perfection and God’s unmistakable hand in the affairs of man. While many examples in the Bible exist, this article will review its role in prophecy, the perfect worship of God, and his complete correction of unrepentant sinners.

Multiple sevens (777, 7777) were involved in Israel’s victory at Jericho. It was the first battle God’s people waged, west of the Jordan River, to possess their inheritance in the Promised Land.

Seven Levitical priests, on the seventh day they and others circled Jericho, blew their seven trumpets each of the seven times they journeyed around the city (Joshua 6:4, 15 – 16). When the seventh circuit ended, the people shouted at Jericho’s wall and it miraculously came tumbling down! The Israelites then decimated all human and animal life within the city except for Rahab and her family (Joshua 6:21 – 25).

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