Corpse flower: Rare NC State corpse flower begins to bloom |

More and more demonic things keep coming out in the public..

Other name for Corpse Flower = Voodoo Lily or Devil’s Tongue!

Upon maturation, a single inflorescence emerges from tubers, producing a deep purplish-maroon spathe surrounding the long purple tongue like spadix.  If the smell of rotten flesh isn’t enough to entice carrion flies to help with pollination, the dark purplish-red inflorescence can look like rotten meat.

Amorphous means “without a clearly defined shape or form” with origins dating back to the mid 18th century from the New Latin amorphous and the Greek amorphos meaing ‘shapeless’ or ‘misshapen’.Phallus means penis and originates in the early 17th century via Late Latin from the Greek phallos. The first known use of the word Amorphophallus occurred in 1836 and meaning “misshapen penis”, aptly referring to the shape of the A. konjac spadix.

Amorphophallus konjac: Can You Resist the Lure of the Devil’s Tongue?

Prepare for the Coming of the Lord!

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for payment for your sins..

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