Watch “Israel begins lockdown on 8 August 2021 for ONLY the unvaccinated” on YouTube

Bennett announced that from 8 August, Israelis must present a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid test if they want to attend cinemas, theatres, amusement parks, football matches or any outdoor and indoor activities involving more than 100. Synagogues are no longer exempt from restrictions (perhaps because, unlike the previous government, Bennett’s administration does not rely on ultra-Orthodox parties to remain in power).

On top of this, the state will no longer fund Covid tests for people who aren’t vaccinated. “There’s no reason the taxpayer and those who fulfilled their civic duty to get vaccinated should pay for those who won’t,” Bennett said.

How Israel’s new vaccine sanctions could boost support for Covid-19 passports

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  1. At the moment, around 60% of the patients in serious conditions have been vaccinated. Moreover, according to Hebrew University researchers who advise the government, around 90% of newly infected people over the age of 50 are fully vaccinated. Why the concern over the unvaccinated? Seems if you are vaccinated you have something to worry about. Read the article

    1. Thanks for this info. Yes, the Vaccinated should be terrified. This is a depopulation plan agenda. Hoping these warnings wake up more, so they don’t take this poison.

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