Watch Aug 7, 2021 – Verse of the Day – Isaiah 33:22 – For the Lord is our Judge, the Lord is our Lawgiver, the Lord is our King;

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Archaeologists unearth 1st Jerusalem evidence of quake from Bible’s Book of Amos – Aug 4th (3 Day Warning before the 7th)

Kid named Jonah pulled From Rubble – June 24th, 2021 + 44 Days = Aug 7th, 2021

Noah Story – Nov 4, 2020 – Aug 7th, 2021 (When Dove Leaves) – 277 Days
Jewish History
Great Flood Begins (2105 BCE)
The rains began to fall on the 17th of Cheshvan of the year 1656 from creation (2105), flooding the earth and rising above the highest mountains. Only Noah and his family survived, in the ark built to that end by Divine command, and a pair of each animal species, who entered with him into the ark.

The following is a chronology of the Flood, as indicated by the dates and time periods given in the Torah’s account and calculated by Rashi:
Cheshvan 17: Noah enters ark; rains begin.
Kislev 27: Forty days of rain end; begin 150 days of water’s swelling and churning, during which the water reaches a height of 15 cubits above the mountain peaks.
Sivan 1: Water calms and begins to subside at the rate of one cubit every four days.
Sivan 17: The bottom of the ark, submerged 11 cubits beneath the surface, touches down on the top of Mount Ararat.
Av 1: The mountain peaks break the water’s surface.
Elul 10:Forty days after the mountain peaks becom visible, Noah opens the ark’s window and dispatches a raven.
Elul 17: Noah sends the dove for the first time.
Elul 23: The dove is sent a second time, and returns with an olive leaf in its beak.
Tishrei 1: Dove’s third mission. Water completely drained.

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