Watch Aug 18, 2021 – Verse of the Day – Phil 1:21 – For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

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Noah Dispatches Raven (2105 BCE)
On the 10th of Elul of the year 1656 from creation (2105 BCE), as the Great Flood neared its end, Noah opened the window of the Ark and dispatched a raven to determine if the flood waters had begun to recede (Genesis 8:1; Rashi).

After Tisha B’Av, the burning of the Temple continued for another day. Its effects continue to be felt throughout Jewish history.

The fires that consumed the first Jerusalem Temple began on the ninth of Av, and continued to burn until middle of the following day. The Talmudic sage Rabbi Yochanan stated, “Had I been alive in that generation, I would have fixed [the day of mourning] for the tenth [of Av], because the greater part of the Temple was burnt on that day.”

As Tisha B’Av has been a day of misfortune throughout Jewish history, so too has been the Tenth of Av:

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