Watch Oct 6, 2021-Watchman News-Isaiah 26:4 – 7 Year Covenant (2 Beasts & Pope), NASA Meteors, Digital Internet ID, La Palma and more.

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Isaiah 26:4 (New International Version)

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.

We have the 1st Beast whose Fatal Wound that was Healed (Papal Dynasty into the Vatican) and the 2nd Beast (The UN) with a 7 Year Covenant to start on Nov 14th, but that was supposed to start on Oct 4th, 2021!!

The False Prophet has a 7 Year Global Covenant of Peace -Laudato Si’ that was supposed to kickoff Oct 4th, 2021, but now has been postponed to Nov 14th with a 40 day prayer gap in between-

In between, there will be a UN Meeting (COP26) starting Oct 31st – Nov 12th, to discuss more Global Unity. –

The launch will also follow a major U.N. climate conference, COP26, to be held in Glasgow, Scotland. That could be symbolic, Kureethadam told working group members, because once the conference is over, “we get to do action.”

In anticipation of COP26, Francis is set to host a gathering of faith leaders and scientists at the Vatican Oct. 4, which also concludes the ecumenical Season of Creation. They are expected to produce a statement to world leaders stressing the moral urgency of substantial action at the Glasgow summit.

A look at when the wound was healed from the Papal Dynasty to the Catholic Church –,beast%20was%20seen%20coming%20up%20from%20the%20earth.

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