Prions inside the Vaccines that cause something like Mad Cow Disease – Zombie Destruction Plans to eliminate the population..

Ogynu (@Ogyseeker) shares a powerful document with Biblical references regarding the Plandemic and the Depopulation Plan Agenda starting with Prions inside the Vaccines that cause something like Mad Cow Disease and then the Government using Zombie Destruction Plans to eliminate the population..

These Zombie Elimination Plans are DOD CONPLAN 8888-11 + CDC zombie prepardness .

Here’s a preview below, but this is a MUST SEE document!!

Covid was an engineered bio-warfare agent. The main engineered part is the S-spike which is inside the vaccines. ALL OF THEM. Inside the body the GMO vaccines produces a misshaped S-protein. For sure the mRNA versions of the vaccine produces a missshaped protein because of 3777 code-synonyms + U replaced with Ψ 100%.


Covid S-spike S1 regions are full of PRIONS> they can trigger a brain degenerative disease like Creutzfeldt-Jakob or Kuru Their existence in the S-spike was documented by Human Microbiology Institute. – + J. Bart Classen, MD + U.S. NLM + Nobel recipient Luc Montaigner.

“No other even closely-related betacoronaviruses have such prion-like structures in their spike proteins,” Dr George Tetz – Human Microbiology Institute (a key Forbes article)

He added: “The presence of prion-like domains for the first time allows us to implement an anti-prion strategy (???) …. Hopefully we can bring totally new drugs that are right now completely off the radar of scientists.” In plain English: no treatment exist for prions!! That’s the KNOWN reality.

There are 2 kinds of prions; normal or misshaped. mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) produces a misshaped Covid S-spike protein only In the S1 area are those misshaped as BAD PRIONS = ZOMBIE. That’s in the jab. It’s the only stuff the jab produces….

They could invent an N-nucleocapside GMO jab which has no prions and can protect you from Covid. Nobody from AZ or Sputnik to Pfizer or Moderna didn’t produced this better vax.. except maybe for the ELITE and military.

The “elite-33” maybe took a different vax / jab with PrP gene V127, instead the poison for population. This gene (from CANNIBALS!) gives immunity to some prions (and they KNOW what prions are in the vax!) . Moderna and Pfizer did maybe BOTH: a cure for elite and the poison for us. When you saw Gates or Fauci taking the vax THAT WAS THE CURE?

PRP gene V127 was discovered in 2015 the same years Ralph Baric created the S-spike…. The first rule you obey when creating a bio-weapon is to have the antidote: the same year, QED.

The Mark of the Beast System is real and here!

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for payment for your sins.

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