Trump says he wouldn’t need COVID vaccine mandate: ‘I would convince people’

Just a reminder to those that think Trump is for the people.. He is for the Elites, the One World Agenda and the Mark of the Beast System..

Don’t forget who pushed Operation Warp Speed and said that he is the Father of the Vaccines (Mark of the Beast)..

Those created in the image of Jesus Christ have no friends in this World.

Today he speaks in the media:

“It was supposed to take five years and they said it wasn’t going to work. I did three vaccines in less than nine months and they do work, they work really well.

Trump added: “I would convince people, take it. I don’t want to push it … When I was president, there was no talk about mandates or anything. Everybody wanted the vaccine. Now a lot of people don’t want it.” 

Prepare for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for payment for your sins.

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