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Steve Fletcher shares additional information regarding the 900 Years related to the Sword found in Israel at Mount Carmel…

As written on the Facebook page – “Bible Numbers for Life” The 900 relates to Judgement Day! Post below..

The 900th chapter of the Bible is Micah 7. The spiritual number 900 means ‘Judgment Day’.

The spiritual number 9 means ‘Judgment’. The number 100 means ‘Holy Flock’. The number 900 (9 x 100) means ‘Judgment of the Holy Flock’. In the Age of Grace, it means the judgment of the church.

Verse 1 “Woe is me! I am like one who gathers summer fruit… there is no cluster of grapes to eat… the first-ripe fruit my soul desires.”

Consider a cluster of grapes. Each grape is a precious believer in Jesus, fed by the nourishing life of the vine. Jesus said ‘I am the vine’. In a cluster of grapes all the grapes touch one another. This is a picture of intimate fellowship. Each grape is nourished by the vine. Each grape touches the other grapes in the fellowship.

Now consider a bag of grapes in the grocery store. The vine is gone and all the grapes are crammed into a bag. The grapes are touching one another but there is no vine. This is a picture of an institutional church. The saints are there, row upon row, squeezed in together. But Jesus is not there. Why? Because when we come under the authority of a priest/minister/pastor we exit from being under the authority of Christ.

Either Jesus is Lord or the Clergyman is Lord. No man can serve two masters.

Micah 7 speaks of Judgment Day, a time in the distant future from Micah when God will judge believers. When the Holy Flock departs from an intimate relationship with Jesus/Jahweh and instead prefers to play the harlot, and becomes the illegitimate play-thing of men, judgment will come.

Verse 2 “The godly have been swept from the land… all men lie in wait to shed blood; each hunts his brother with a net.”

A believer goes to the Christian book store and strikes up a conversation with another believer. What is the first question? “What church do you BELONG to?”

Pastors/ministers/priests are on the hunt to add believers to THEIR flock. They and their parishioners prowl and hunt other believers to snare them in the net of their denominational distinctives and practices. When the capture them, they demand blood, silver blood, weekly offerings for the pastor/minister/priest.

Verse 4 “The best of them is a brier, the most upright like a thorn hedge..”

Who gave these hirelings authority over the bride of Christ? Not Jesus. Jesus said “All authority in heaven and earth has been given unto me.” That was never delegated. Jesus still has all authority over his bride. These hirelings are thieves and robbers.

Want to see their true nature (briars and thorns)? Invite the pastor to a meeting in his office and challenge him as to why he is the only speaker in the congregation, why the voices of all other believers are suppressed. Prepare yourself for an explosion of wrath!

Here is the acid test. Speak to the ‘leadership’ of the church you are in and ask if a group of 10 or more families can be excused from the weekly religious grind and meet in a home to fellowship with one another, celebrate communion, and connect intimately in love for one another, praising the name of Jesus, and teaching one another truth from the Scriptures. This is the true ‘bunch of grapes’ life in Christ that God says “my soul desires”. You will not be permitted to do such a thing. Why? You would be exiting the authority of the ‘leadership’ of the church.

Verse 10 “She who said to me ‘Where is the LORD your God?’ My eyes will see her downfall; even now she will be trampled underfoot like mire in the streets.”

Here is the truth: clergy domination leads eventually to unbelief. The harlot who allows these pastors/ministers/priests to rule over her eventually loses her faith: ‘Where is the LORD your God?’.

Here is the judgment: ‘My eyes will see her downfall’. God is going to judge the abomination of religion in the name of Christianity. He is literally going to trample it into the ground.

In our next post, we will examine the 904th chapter of the Bible, Habakkuk 1. In this chapter we will see God’s plan for judgment: He is going to whistle for manic jihad warriors from a distant land to ravage the Christian nations. This is now happening in our day.

How more obvious can we make it for you? God is upset to the point of boiling rage at the harlotry of Christendom.

Wake up believers in Jesus Christ! Get out of the institutional church you are in! You belong to Jesus!

– mark h lane

Prepare for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for payment for your sins.

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