Hal Turner Radio Show – UPDATE 8:47 PM EDT –(BOTTOM) – LaPalma: Steam Now Clearly Visible atop EXACT Ridge of Unstable Land Mass


A very serious development on the island of LaPalma, Canary Islands, Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of Africa on Sunday afternoon: At least two small STEAM emissions have begun coming out of the ground high-up along the ridge atop the unstable landmass on the southwest flank of the island.

As this story is written at 3:09 PM eastern U.S. time, the steam vents became visible within the past hour.  The fact that this is actually steam has been visually verified and confirmed by a Geologist, directly consulted by the Hal Turner Radio Show.  There are no buildings up on that ridge, and no roads on which a vehicle could travel, so there’s nothing there that maybe could reflect light and be mistaken for steam.

This is about the single worst development that could have taken place in this ongoing eruption.

What this proves is that lava has entered the old Cumbre Vieja volcano lava tunes and is now traveling in those tubes along the southwest flank of the Cumbre Viejo volcano.   

https://youtu.be/R7tajUITIFkhttps://youtu.be/R7tajUITIFkThere was a National Geographic documentary regarding these lava tubes mentioning that the collapse could happen if lava evaporated the water within the ground. Just like the Secret Files video game mentions.

Revelation 8:8-9 – New International Version

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