Coalition passes 2021 budget, first in 3.5 years, averting early election threat on YouTube – Tribulation Commences..

Steve Fletcher shares information related to the announcement of Knesset finally creating a Budget that took 3.5 Years to complete..

Another link to the Biblical 3.5 years and the Tribulation period. The Lord Jesus had spoken to me regarding the division of the Tribulation between Israel’s 70th Bday and 80th Bday..

We are seeing this take place. There also is a connection to the Laudato Si time frame, as the article mentions the deadline was Nov 14th. This is when the Ladauto Si (7 Year Covenant) begins.

Read more below..

The Knesset early on Thursday passed Israel’s first budget in over three years, averting the prospect of immediate early elections, as Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s coalition overcame its differences and opposition objections.

Approved 61-59, the 2021 budget was the most politically sensitive of the budget laws facing the Knesset, since a failure to pass it would have meant the automatic dissolution of parliament.

The 61-59 vote saw lawmakers vote along coalition-opposition lines to approve the 2021 state budget in final readings just after 5 a.m, following an all-night session that they will be expected to repeat over the coming 24 hours to vote on the rest of the budget items.

Passing the 2021 budget was a key test for Bennett’s eight-party coalition, both to prove that the ideologically disparate alliance can come together on major issues and because failure to do so by a November 14 deadline would have triggered new elections automatically.

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