Hal Turner Radio Show – FORBES: Yes, the Vaccines Change your DNA . . .


Don’t Speak II points to a Hal Turner post sharing a Forbes article (Main Stream Media) stating the Abomination Shot changes your DNA!!

As we have been warning the World, that the DNA change occurs from cDNA->MRNA->DNA.

This is also how the luciferians can patent you as stated in this Supreme Court case..

Read more below..

FORBES Magazine has published an opinion piece which admits the COVID-19 vaccines change DNA . . . then argues “that’s a good thing.”  No thanks!

In the piece, write Steve Salzberg tries to claim that the changes HE DESCRIBES . . . which he also claims the CDC “got wrong” . . . only teach the human immune system how to adapt to protect people from the virus.

He totally ignores the fact that almost ALL the people presently in hospital from COVID, are the fully vaxxed!   If the mRNA shots they call a “vaccine” actually worked, this wouldn’t be happening.  The writer ignores this inconvenient truth.

Listen to their language:

…Changes you

That means you aren’t good enough.

Play God, much?

DNA is the literal essence of our bodies.  It is so complex, so advanced, we have very little understanding about all the things it does and how one TINY change, can have ramifications in every system of the body, forever.  Yet DNA is what these so-called “vaccines” are messing around with.

In the area of DNA, what mankind is doing to DNA right now in its arrogance, and ignorance, is akin to witchcraft.  Sorcery.  While they arrogantly think they know what they’re doing, what they may actually be achieving could very well be a horror.

Tens of thousands of people have already died from these mRNA shots.  Hundreds of thousands more have suffered severe injuries and permanent disabilities.  Yet the vax cult ignores these facts and persists in their sorcery.  

No thanks.   I strongly discourage readers from taking these mRNA shots.  They aren’t “vaccines” they are gene therapy.  In my view, screwing around with DNA is a recipe for disaster.

The Mark of the Beast System is real and here!

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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