Off Grid Desert Farming shares that the United States has now moved to Defcon Level 3! We are in high state of readiness and caution..

What Is DEFCON 3 Or “Round House” Warning Level?
DEFCON 3, or Round House is an increase in alertness and military readiness, also known as ‘yellow alert’ status. With Defcon 3 the air force is in a higher state or level of readiness so that they can deploy and mobilize within 15 minutes time.

The alert color for DEFCON 3, or Round House is yellow. The meaning behind this condition level is similar to that of a yellow “caution” sign. We are prepared, cautious and in a state of military readiness. This condition represents a state of preparedness and a high level of caution.

The alert status may be raised to Defcon 3, or Round House after a precision strike is carried out by an an enemy. This condition may also be reached after a precision strike is carried out by the United States military or any event that warrants a cautious state of military readiness and alert by U.S forces. Taken from Defcon Level Warning System:

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The current defcon level overall is now at defcon 3 today as there is a raised CENTCOM due to a US drone strike on a vehicle near Binnish and a raised EUCOM level due to the United States activating an artillery command in Europe as Russia amasses troops and artillery near the Ukrainian border and raised AFRICOM level due to ongoing conflict in Ethiopia.

If the current defcon level changes from the level it is at now, it will be reflected on the alert status above as well as in any of the Regional News Pages, where you will also find the current defcon level alert status for each combatant command region and up to date news and news ticker for each region. Taken from Defcon Level Warning System:

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