Destruction for America – Yahweh’s Words (2017 Prophecy) Coming to Pass!!

Tim Foster shares a Prophetic Warning from Yahweh’s Word from 2017 regarding the Destruction of Babylon (America) and what to look for when it has begun..

With what we just saw with the X Marking the Spot and the Lord showing us it was Him clearly, we could definitely see another Big Event today as we see 192 MPH winds in the Colorado area and major tornadoes to hit today in the Iowa, Illinois and Missouri areas..

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God Speaks of Destruction for America

Tornado alley will be torn up by their weather machines, as will many other areas in the north.  It is my judgement upon the inhabitants of the earth.  Watch and pray and I will deliver you.  The hand of the oppressor is lifted against you once the quakes hit the middle of that country that is run by devils

Total destruction is coming to America.  Her false prophets will be silenced in their pulpits and all the sages will be cut off.

The cataclysm is brought by the people for the people and Obama will stay on his throne until the desolation is complete.  Magicians and sorcerers have confided and cajoled all who can decide on the fate of that nation and demons and satyrs will dance on the land of the once free.  

Tell all who will listen of this coming destruction and urge them to repent. Glory is mine says the Lord. and I will share it with no other.  The timekeeper will freeze the hands of time until the mystery of inequity is revealed.  The false prophet has seen to it (the Pope of Rome), that as many as worship the beast will be sidled by the wayside in their pride.

The power structures are clamoring to release their final plans into motion with much planned destruction.  Yes they will use their Russian counterpart to blame on for the fire and smoke that comes out of the sea.  Kislev 17 will be a day to be remembered with the water as high as the walls of Jerusalem as Jonathan has uttered.  Water will cover all the lanes of the city by the sea.  That great city will be no more.

Prepare for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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