Steve Fletcher shares information regarding the ongoing prelude to WW3 with Russia, NATO and the US in regards to Russian Troops now moving towards Kazakhstan, both Blinken and Russia now saying talks may cease after 1st meeting on January 10th and more…

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Why The Kazakhstan Crisis Is A Much Bigger Deal Than Western Media Is Letting On

Geopolitical commentator Clint Ehrlich has reported while on the ground in Moscow that “the situation in Kazakhstan is a much bigger deal than Western media is letting on.” He further argues that the mayhem unleashed this past week and ongoing violent destabilization significantly increases the risk of NATO-Russia conflict. 

He asks the key question: what really is happening in Kazakhstan? After all, he writes  “In America, the situation in Kazakhstan is a small news item” but it remains that “in Moscow, it is currently receiving 24/7 news coverage, like it’s an apocalyptic threat to Russia’s security. I’ve had the TV on here while writing this thread, and Kazakhstan has been on the entire time.” Below is Ehrlich’s mega-thread from Twitter exploring the crisis and connecting the dots in terms of why this is a bigger deal than many believe…

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RUMOR: Biden and Harris EVACUATED to Area 51 on Saturday

On Saturday, both Air Force 1 and Air Force 2 flew from Washington, DC to Area 51 in Nevada. 

Word from sources in Washington claim the President and Vice President were flown out there to be personally briefed and SEEE DEMONSTRATIONS OF the absolute latest in top secret US weaponry, to be employed in any upcoming war with Russia.  Such a visit by the sitting President and Vice President has never been done before.

Later on Saturday, both Air Force One and, later, Air Force Two, took off from Nevada on a return trip to Washington but as of Sunday morning, the actual location of the President and Vice President is . . .  in question.

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday said he does not think the U.S. and Russia will see any breakthroughs “in the coming week,” which is when representatives from Washington and Moscow are scheduled to sit for talks amid rising tensions centered on Ukraine.

“I don’t think we’re gonna see any, any breakthroughs in the coming, in the coming week,” Blinken told co-anchor Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“We’re going to be able to put things on the table, the Russians will do the same, both directly with us at NATO at the [Organization for Security and Cooperation] and we’ll see if they’re grounds for moving forward,” he added.

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As of Sunday at 11:58 AM EST, at least four trains, over a mile long each, are now on the move from eastern Russia toward the west.

This comes as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on TV today he does not expect any positive outcomes from the US/Russia meeting tomorrow in Geneva.   That meeting was called to address what Russia calls it’s Security concerns” given NATO’s expansion. (Story Here)

It also comes after the sudden outbreak of armed hostilities in Kazakhstan, which shares a border with Russia.   The sudden and violent hostilities were initially said to be over increases in the price of fuel, but protest rallies saw private cars pull up, the trunks opened, and dozens of machine guns taken from the trunks and given to “protesters.”   (What grassroots protest have You ever seen where people are being handed machine guns and ammunition?)

The long land border with Russia, and the fact that the Russian space program is based in Kazakhstan, make the happenings there a national security concern for Russia.

Also, the ongoing troubles with NATO buildup in Ukraine are becoming more likely to go to actual war, as NATO continues its expansion right up to Russia’s front porch.  (Story HERE)

This movement of heavy armor from Russia’s far east is a sign that things are getting very much worse between Russia and the West.   

It is no longer unthinkable that there may be ground war in Europe, and also no longer unthinkable that the continental USA might be hit if war breaks out with Russia.

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