Watch “Title:#1 Musings From Tennessee – What Have You Seen? 1-20-22” on YouTube – Quantum Time Testimony with God!

Sarah Tennessee shares testimonies related to Quantom Time with God and why current Leaders, Pastors and Watchman may not be seeing the Book of Revelation clearly and the time and seasons we are in right now.

We need to not look at the Bible anymore in a linear view, but how God sees Time in a Quantom View. HUMILITY + FAITH = QUANTUM LOVE.

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1 Sarah Tennessee
The following testimony is some real-time experiences that occurred over a few years. I‟ve been praying and considering what to do with all I have seen. After speaking with Joanie Stahl and learning that I am responsible to the Lord to report what I have seen, I am moving forward to compile one document that combines the testimonies. 

I first want to say I am not a Theologian nor a scientist. I am a witness to certain events that I have documented. I am no expert nor do I claim to understand perfectly what is happening, only that these things happened. I am only a witness. This topic has to do with time and how we are perceiving its movement. 

The outline overview is as follows:
-Two experiences from 2017
-Two similar experiences given to me and Joanie in 2002 and 2020

An action initiative in what we are to do for such a time as this: our end-time assignment
Addendum from Joanie Stahl, January 23, 2022
Understanding began to come in February 2017 that time was being impacted and somehow manipulated.

Some knew we were seeing changes that could not be explained. But yet there they were. I wrote in my journal: 
Why have the prophets “missed” so much lately?

I believe we have moved from present moment and linear understanding to quantum thinking/knowing/revelation. God‟s people are not walking in this level of revelation. 

This was shown to me first in Luke 18 with the need to humble ourselves but also Jesus speaking linearly to His disciples, and they could not receive. In like manner, today Holy Spirit is shifting us to quantum understanding 
and we cannot hear. HUMILITY + FAITH = QUANTUM LOVE.

I continued on: I am offering up an opinion 
why so many prophets missed the election predictions and the Super Bowl blowup that didn’t happen. We have entered into a “time” where we better bone up on FAITH so our spiritual sight/eyes are opened to see into the 
multidimensional Mind of Christ. 

I was trying to understand the many misses by well-meaning men and women of God. I was up early doing devotions and could not read past Luke 18. Holy Spirit was speaking loudly and provided a key of sorts for intercession.

Luke 18:13 the tax collector is humble
Luke 18:15-17 we must be like children
Luke 18:19 only the Father is Good
Luke 18:24-25 the camel….did you know the “eye of a needle” referred to the smaller man door opening in a city once the gates were closed? So picture a tall camel standing outside after dark and needing to get in. The only way in was to kneel and crawl in….Anah/humbled himself
Luke 18:31-34 you can speak plainly and spell it out, still people won’t understand you.

Luke 18:35-42 THEY ARE BLIND. We are to pray they have or are given FAITH so they receive sight.

Prepare for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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