On March 4, Russia set to impose martial law – Ukraine’s NSDC secretary


Προς γενίκευση του πολέμου: Ο Β.Πούτιν θα κηρύξει στρατιωτικό Νόμο στην Ρωσία – Έρχεται εμπλοκή με ΝΑΤΟ

The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, has confirmed earlier reports that from March 4, the Russian Federation intends to impose martial law across the country.
The statement came as Danilov was speaking on the air of Ukraine 24 TV, answering questions about the possible application for martial law in Russia.

“First, this is the data available to our intelligence that from March 4, the Russian Federation is set to indeed impose martial law in the country. I’d like to see how Moscow and St. Petersburg, where there’s a lot of intellegenzia, will react to this, as they understand what is happening in the Russian Federation. Today, if Putin lacks cannon fodder, he can take children he’s drafting into the army to deploy here, into our meat grinder. I don’t understand why he’s doing this,” Danilov stressed.

Warnews247 Report Below..

Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to impose martial law on the country on Friday.

This means that not only will there be no de-escalation as the West and Ukraine wish, but we will have a generalization of the war.

If Putin declares martial law, Americans and British appear 100% sure, then this will happen at a very key point in the Russo-Ukrainian war:

Martial law will be declared shortly before the attack on Odessa and on the way to Transnistria.

This means that the Russian president expects a lot of losses and wants to prepare Russian society for a major crisis with NATO.

Because no one still knows what will happen if, for example, a convoy carrying weapons to Ukraine is bombed.

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