NATO vs. CSTO in Ukraine: V. Putin decree for sending forces & dividing the country! – WarNews247

WarNews247 is fully confirmed as it is on the verge of involvement of the Collective Security Agency CSTO in Ukraine. Everything shows that Ukraine will become a “Syria No. 2”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted a decree to the State Duma establishing the CSTO peacekeeping force for ratification, introducing the concept of the “Coordinating State”.

The “Coordinating State” is Russia, which will mediate between the United Nations and the CSTO.

Under this amendment, CSTO forces will be able to operate under the auspices of the UN in various Member States and enforce order and peace.

This is Russia’s plan to take full control of Ukrainian territory and to involve more forces under the guise of a “Peace Corps”.

But this decree could very easily lead to the final division of Ukraine and even the involvement of NATO forces on Ukrainian territory.

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Enlargement of conflict: Kazakhstan & CSTO involvement in Ukraine – Russia repeals the Law of War on 16,000 mercenaries

Kazakhstan and CSTO involvement is being prepared in Ukraine, which marks the escalation of the armed conflict.

At the same time, Mr Lukashenko will soon and officially announce Belarus’ participation in the war.

Kazakhstan sends military equipment and forces
Kazakhstan has reportedly begun sending military equipment to Russia with a final destination in Ukraine.

Movements of military equipment of the Kazakh Armed Forces have been recorded for days.

The Tribulation is commencing…

Please repent, carry your cross daily and accept the free gift of Jesus Christ’s Death on the Cross for payment for your sins.

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