State Duma introduces criminal liability for calls for sanctions against Russia – Russian Politics & Diplomacy – TASS

MOSCOW, March 4. /TASS/. At a meeting on Friday the State Duma adopted a draft law in the second and the third reading, including criminal liability for calls for the introduction of foreign sanctions against Russia.

The Russian Criminal Code will now be updated by a new article “Calls for the introduction of restrictive measures against the Russian Federation, citizens of the Russian Federation or Russian legal entities.” The draft legislation will cover individuals with previous administrative responsibility for related offenses during a year.

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Russia Blocks Twitter; Putin Signs Law To Seize Assets If Foreigners ‘Harm’ Russians

Update (1451ET): Interfax is reporting that a Russian watchdog says Twitter is now blocked in Russia, adding to the western social media freeze that now includes Facebook and access to app stores.

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Update (1437ET): Vladimir Putin signed several laws on Friday – including one which would seize the assets of foreigners if they harm Russians or otherwise infringe on Russian rights, according to Interfax.

The threat comes in parallel with another law signed on Friday which will criminalize whatever the Kremlin deems “disinformation” about the military in a crackdown on “fake information.” As a result, the BBC has pulled all reporters from Moscow.

15 years in prison for anyone who spreads “fake news” about the army

Meanwhile, Moscow has offered foreign companies three options for a path forward: remain in Russia, exit entirely, or hand over their holdings to local managers.

First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov spelt out the government’s position a little more than a week after Russia invaded Ukraine, and a day after French bank Societe Generale (SOGN.PA) sent a chill through the corporate world by saying Russian authorities could seize its assets in the country.

Belousov outlined three alternatives for foreign firms.

“The company continues to work fully in Russia,” he said in a statement. “Foreign shareholders transfer their share to be managed by Russian partners and can return to the market later,” he added, and: “The company permanently terminates operations in Russia, closes production and dismisses employees.” -Reuters

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